Transformers Prime Accompanied By A Toyline

19/09/2010 0 By Administratus Prime

More information about Transformers Prime preceded by Hasbro, Inc.’s investor relations webcast aired recently have provided some vital information on Transformers: Prime.

While the characters and voice actors has not been confirmed yet, the presenters did unsurprisingly reveal that the show will air on the 3-6PM on The Hub, which has been dubbed as the Kids Prime block.

The time block has been targeted this way as during the airing during this time, the children are usually at home, and how the old cartoon blocks flourished and died kind of make the most sense that Hasbro Studios and Discovery Communications decided that Hasbro’s trademark brands Transformers and G.I. Joe would be shown here. For the purpose, The Kids Prime Block has been dubbed “When Kids and Tweens Come Together” .


The exact time and premiere date have not been revealed yet but The Hub will debut on October 10, 2010. There have been multiple reports that the Transformers: Prime theme music was showcased prior to the beginning of the webcast; however, we have been unable to find any evidence of this.

Debunking the earlier news that claims Transformers Prime have no plans for an accompanying toyline, the recent report said otherwise. They have suggested that the show just like past shows will again have a toyline. Aaron Archer stated during BotCon 2010 that there is only the toyline at that time, but Eric Seibenaler, at the same panel, remarked that he was excited about releasing the Optimus Prime toy for the Transformers: Prime toyline.