Takara Tomy Group 2009 Report

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 Sourced from the Japan site Robot Watch who has posted news and images from the Takara Tomy Group 2009 event report that featured new Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, Tomy Takara Alternity Optimus Black and Megatron, as well as a other Hasbro products coming this year. Check out the machine translated report and pics.

Wednesday, April 22 23 (Thu) over Wednesday, with Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center in Taitung City Hall close to the Sensoji Temple, “The 2009 Summer TAKARATOMIGURUPU negotiations” were conducted. i-SOBOTROBO-Q:GI ROBO-Q i-SOBOT and, like the new robot was not purely on the film “Transformers: Revenge”-related movie “GI Joe” and related, such as robots and PAWADOSUTSU coming to play the number of items being displayed. About them.

: Information on the character of the non-shooting “Transformers: Revenge” products


(TRANSFORMERS:REVENGE OF THE FALLEN) June 24 nationwide release of early Sunday, the same month in Japan 20 (Sat) has published its decision from “Transformers: Revenge” (original title “TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN”, revenge). Was introduced in a number of film-related products, and by a large coverage of the regulatory side of filmmaking, but unfortunately the images of film posters is only revenge. The advent of the new Transformers or any of that MEGATORON deformation mode vehicle back on track if any, to the villain side ODOROODOROSHII MEINBIJUARU used as the official site of the Home who really have power OPUTIMASUPURAIMU can be achieved and whether it’s to do, is all secret. 2(64) Some will announce a new TAKARATOMI soon to be published by the film director Michael Bay himself “and not public goods” and some are not, here is a little less than two months later, like robots and that is tied from the relevant Transformers (June is “Terminator 4”, so movies a month and robots).

Revenge movie posters. Transformers have seen the evil that is MEINBIJUARU secret (laughs) () Posters of Revenge (pennant is made of cloth). Specifications OPUTIMASUPURAIMU This specification BANBURUBI

EZTF Currently, Transformers (revenge)-related products, TAKARATOMI “TORANSUFOMAMUBI” series, “EZ TORANSUFOMAMUBI Collection”, “GURAVITIBOTTSU TORANSUFOMAMUBI” series, a facsimile edition”TF Encore” series of computer peripherals “DEVAISUREBARU” series, to transform the car from a supermarket in Japan in collaboration with Nissan, “ORUTANITI” series is released. 1 2 Hasbro products are treated as TOMIDAIREKUTO, the figure “1 TAITANIUMUFIGIA ASOTO” series and “ASOTO ROBOTTOREPURIKA 2” series, the Hot Wheels “vehicles ASOTO Single Pack Transformers”.

30cm (13,440530) (5,229530) In addition, the height of 30cm in manual mode can be deformed around, pose and move the arm yourself with some “charge BANBURUBI Ultimate Battle” (13,440 yen Release date May 30) and BOISUCHANJA The SHIRIZU “version OPUTIMASUPURAIMU BOISUCHENJA Battle” and “Voice BANBURUBI Mixer” (5229 yen each Release date May 30) and in standby.

Charge BANBURUBI Ultimate Battle [Video] how to talk and work BANBURUBI


Being developed in TAKARATOMI (doing both the design department of the United States and Japan) TORANSUFOMAMUBISHIRIZU the product of manually making AKUSHONFIGIA deformation between the two modes of the robot vehicle. 30cm10cm The scale and size of products was mixed, with a much larger 30cm, 10cm and is about a small, characterized by fairly sophisticated. 1 As well as many releases debut in the new Transformers Revenge, also features a new type of gold is also the revenge version to appear in succession from the Transformers movie. 56OK7 For Release 5.6 is published minutes OK, but this has since been introduced in the space not taken together with the latest products, but unfortunately no pictures. Only text information, presented in a simple list with comments. For images, if another opportunity, I would like to present again. 40 In revenge the two groups with 40 or more likely some body, whether in the drama appeared to be all the new Transformers product is so who knows.


(7,1405) OPUTIMASUPURAIMU (7140 yen Release 5)
The leader of OTOBOTTO, in Japan’s “convoy commander” is more familiar. () Vehicle mode is SEMITORERA (head-trailers). 1(CG) The first product was released during the film’s design was slightly different (after the design of gold products, the CG movie followed the correct order, and BANBURUBI OPUTIMASUPURAIMU and detail and is slightly different ), and the leg was fixed. 232 MEGATORON 2 and 3 single cell in the body to use this mechanism, and other lights are schooled in a pattern different mechanism. 2 Therefore, the price will be the highest body.

(3,9905) AIANHAIDO (3,990 yen Release 5)
GMC C4500 In vehicle mode, the General Motors pickup trucks “GMC Top Kick C4500” distorted. 1 The first warriors to continue the work appeared, characterized by the well-armed.

(2,4155) BANBURUBI (2,415 yen Release 5)
1 Be the first hero in the film Transformers, Revenge appeared to continue. GM ’06 Vehicle Mode is GM’s supercar “’06 Chevrolet Camaro concept.” A reconnaissance scout in charge.

(3,9906) DEZATOTORAKKARACHETTO (3990 yen Release 6)
14GMH2 In the first film, it can also be used in the world GOTSUI Army and four wheel drive vehicles GM “Hummer H2” was specified in the ambulance, the rescue vehicle to transform the specifications for the desert. Hospitalman.

(2,4155) SAIDOSUWAIPU (2,415 yen Release 5)
Members of the first to appear in Revenge OTOBOTTO. GM GM vehicle mode is a futuristic design of the super car “Chevrolet Corvette SUTINGUREIKONSEPUTO” deformed. It is similar to the type BANBURUBI, reconnaissance scout role will be similar.

(2,4156) Chromia (2,415 yen Release 6)
1 Appeared to be revenge is probably a body other than the name of the product is not currently published. That is hidden can be expected to have an important Please wait to be released.

(2,4156) SUKIZZU (2,415 yen Release 6)
GM() GM’s compact car “Chevrolet Beat Concept” (the car “Chevrolet Spark”) deformation. The models have, and that probably comes to revenge. That the robot is a small compact car, the position of mascot

(1,2605) OTOBOTTONOKKUAUTO (1260 yen Release 5)
1 To transform the original bike, the smallest in the body of a transformer. Product Name trouble “OTOBOTTO” in that, in revenge, and perhaps might not be out of a transformer. Or, for very low profile, it could be.

(2,4155) OTOBOTTOBUREIKUAUEI (2415 yen Release 5)
1 OTOBOTTO is deformed by a rare body weapons. Vehicle mode is a jet fighter aircraft originally designed as a combination of fighter and attack aircraft. By the name, not in the movies

(2,4156) OTOBOTTOUIRI (2415 yen Release 6)
() Radio-controlled monster trucks (pickup trucks with huge tires) deformation. WALLE/ It seems to come up with this name Face little WALL E / as Wally.

(1,2605) Roll bar (1,260 yen Release 5)
6 For business transformation in the type 6-wheel van. Design features such as a shield to both sides of the body. Given the name, type may guard bases and defense and security.

(1,2606) DEPUSUCHAJI (1,260 yen Release 6)
To transform the naval battle of the boards, such as cancer. RE so deeply in the image and the name, might be good at water-submarine warfare.

(1,2606) Sack Run (1,260 yen Release 6)
1 The biplane when a deformed face. Transformers veteran warrior Knapsack on his back in robot mode, the wings, rather slender, andimage on the surface.


(7,1405) MEGATORON (7,140 yen Release 5)
Destruction of the evil Emperor. 1 The first or how to restore from the last album is unknown. 51 Also, any vehicle or mode deformation, May 1, is likely to be announced later. 32 As explained in the OPUTIMASUPURAIMU, AA batteries that have to use the electrical system.

(3,9905) SUTASUKU
RIMU (3990 yen Release 5)
F-222 The U.S. Air Force F-22 fighter aircraft numberKI DISEPUTIKON ambition to transform the Raptor. Revenge also appear. The atmosphere is so nice, in a surprisingly short limbs, is also a cute item.

(3,9905) DEMORISSHA (3,990 yen Release 5)
Revenge debut. Transformers movie trailer giant appeared to have been present at the official site in Japan. 11 Robot mode is laden with a ring on the head with a car wheel that has a height of HAAROU OPUTIMASUPURAIMU times. Vehicle mode is PAWASHOBERU.

(2,4155) SAUNDOUEBU (2415 yen Release 5)
The request appeared in many DISEPUTIKON, Revenge debut. 3 Spacecraft, satellites, robots will feature three stages of deformation. In the original anime, but a man-made cassette tapes, or what the mechanism is that at this stage is the secret.

(2,4155) Sideways (2,415 yen Release 5)
Revenge debut. YOROPIANSUTAIRUSUPAKA original deformed. SAIDOSUWAIPU considered rivals BANBURUBI and is expected to have the same mobility.

(2,4155) DISEPUTIKONRANPEJI (2415 yen Release 5)
1 The Revenge of the transformer and the name may not appear in a body. Deformation in the bulldozers. The robot mode is a kind of whipRISURASHII.

(1,2605) Dead End (1,260 yen Release 5)
() Super small car design (probably) deformation. Is in robot mode, the upper body, macho, slender legs. And sideways, that the possibility of a reconnaissance scout in charge of DISEPUTIKON.

(1,2605) Dirt Boss (1,260 yen Release 5)
The forklift vehicle mode, a fuzzy sort of atmosphere created, unmistakably DISEPUTIKON.

562,415 For other series, GURABITIBOTTSUSHIRIZU First, five of the six plans released Monday, the price is 2415 yen each. Public also has been at the scene of the shooting were not. Feature is that one can be deformed by the action vehicle mode and robot mode. TORANSUFOMAMUBISHIRIZU and, because of the relatively complex deformation mechanism spoiling the atmosphere in the play, young children have the drawback is the difficulty of operation, concept was developed in an attempt to resolve it with. And put it under the rear of the vehicle mode, and transform it to move under the weight of its own parts, how to be robot mode. Similarly, the time between deformation of the two modes is only a flat rate of deformation of the second transformer in the play. OPUTIMASUPURAIMU, BANBURUBI, SUTASUKURIMU, SAIDOSUWAIPU, MADDOFURAPPU released. The body of a MADDOFURAPPU OTOBOTTO, GM’s Chevrolet to the deformed one. Determined that the car would probably appear in revenge.

EZ6525 Also, EZ Series Collection released on March 6, 525 yen each. The public is already here, can not be taken at the scene unfortunately. I also enjoy the products of transformation of the concept vehicle mode and robot mode with a small price. The release also features a blind box, or what has come to enjoy from the scheme open. 1 The sale is OPUTIMASUPURAIMU, MEGATORON, BANBURUBI, SUTASUKURIMU, SAIDOSUWAIPU, DEZATOTORAKKARACHETTO, long after the body has a OTOBOTTOSUPURINGA. 2() OTOBOTTOSUPURINGA is whether to appear in Revenge is unknown, the two-mode transport vehicle with a propeller aircraft () Like a large aircraft type. 11 Another important body is the body in a pretty story, and the aircraft only to tell you.

(GM) In addition, it is not entirely out of Japanese cars in the movie (GM to have the sponsorship of, in a course), started to meet the demands of Japan’s car TORANSUFOMASHIRIZU TAKARATOMIORIJINARU “ORUTANITI” . GT-R(R35)GT-R/2Z(Z34)Z/25 Multi-performance supercar Nissan’s world-renowned in the “GT-R” (R35-type) transformation in the convoy “GT-R / Convoy” ARUTIMEITOMETARUSHIRUBA BAIFURANTOREDDO and is released in two colors, where Nissan “Fair Lady Z” (Z34-) deformed MEGATORON the “Fair Lady Z / MEGATORON” new BUREDOSHIRUBA MONTEREBURU and participate in the five colors of the two. 6GT-R/ The June, GT-R / I will also add the Super Black Convoy. 4,725(GT-R/) All prices at 4725 yen, endorsement Nissan (GT-R / Black Convoy is a superset of the currently pending). () MEGATORON of ORUTANITI are some introduction to the design of armor, swords, yet Japan (Japanese sword and in fact is precisely because there is no curvature may not) hold the blade in suchis that JAPANIZUTEISUTO. Convoy also has a blade, especially the super-black ninja-style black-clad image.

GT-R Nissan “GT-R”. 700~8001,5001 Prices of real vehicle is 700-800 million yen, and some 1,500 domestic supercar’s also a few active units

Z Nissan’s “Fair Lady Z”. GT-R1/3 GT-R of the vehicle value is 1 / 3 is half the price, also the historical supercar MEGATORON deformed. MONTEREBURU in the left and the right BUREDOSHIRUBA

In addition, the product of collaborative work and other Hasbro Transformers, due out in TOMIDAIREKUTO. DX &(7,1408)(55283,675)Mr.Potato Head “DX Transformers Marvel Spider-Man & Iron Man” (7140 yen each Release 8), “Transformers” Star Wars series (five of 28 May, 3675 release yen), “Mr.Potato Head” collaboration with Products “BANBURUSUPADDO”.

ROBO-Q5T/F2 Then, the world’s smallest robots “ROBO-Q” from the new 5 “T / F movies” have been already released as a series, “OPUTIMASUPURAIMU” and “BANBURUBI” was on display two items are actually the body. , In a subtle and a little time, only shooting back. 44 OPUTIMASUPURAIMU I only have small blue, red, silver, and black in color, is BANBURUBI yellow, dun, blue, black molded in four colors, the atmosphere there. 4,200 4,200 yen each.

DX Transformers Marvel Spider-Man DX DX Transformers Marvel Iron Man DX / Kuhn professional TORANSUFOMASHIRIZU Star Wars / Jedi Star Fighter

V-19 Clone Pilot Star Fighter V-19 torrent /AT-TE Captain Rex / AT-TE /V- Shock trooper / V-Wing Star Fighter

/ Battle Droid / Trade Federation Type Mr.Potato Head BANBURUSUPADDO Mr.Potato Head and collaboration products ROBO-Q ROBO-Q Corner. BANBURUBI and the upper OPUTIMASUPURAIMU. I’m sorry to back

USBUSB The “DEVAISUREBERU”, USB memory and a laser mouse, USB hub and released. 9 9 is scheduled for Monday. TF165()2 Vol.2()7 The facsimile edition of the “TF Encore” as a series of 16 bullets, five KONBATTORON to unite the body of the giant robot “BURUTIKASU” (tentative), two cassette tapes that transform into a robot shell “cassette Battle of Vol.2 “(tentative) 7 is released. 8,4004,200 The former is 8,400 yen, 4,200 yen for the latter.

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