Nimoy Showed Interest in Bay’s Offer

05/05/2009 0 By Administratus Prime

While this sounds like a great idea and an obvious choice with Nimoy’s family connection to Bay, his status as a sci-fi icon and his previous involvement in the original 1986 Transformers movie, it’s not so simple for director Michael Bay. Bay is literally afraid to ask Nimoy to participate in the film with less than two months to go before its release.

In an interview with MTV, the issue was revealed by Bay in a laughing manner. He claimed that the voice actors on the movie get paid little and he’s afraid of disrespecting family members by calling Nimoy and giving him a lowball offer to play a part in the film. Because of that, they’ve not been in direct contact and have been using Bay’s mom as a go-between of sorts. The situation is ridiculous, I know.

In a similar style, Nimoy took the opportunity of one of his own interviews to respond to Bay. This occurred when El Guapo at Latino Review got a chance to speak with the original Spock during the Star Trek press day this weekend and asked him if Bay had contacted him yet.


Nimoy responded by looking into the camera and saying, “Call me, Michael! Call me!” I feel your pain Leonard, I tried telling him to call you in my previous article too. Nimoy continued on to say he’d gladly be a part of Transformers but for some reason Bay’s afraid to just ask. After that, Nimoy again pleaded for Bay to call him.

I’m sure this will be sorted out soon – could you imagine after all of this, if Nimoy weren’t in the film because Bay wouldn’t contact him? Don’t worry, we’ll be seeing… or hearing Nimoy’s voice in the film as The Fallen.

For now, be sure to check out Nimoy’s role in next Friday’s Star Trek. Live long and prosper!

Source: Screenrant