Michael Bay Says Transformers 2 Will Stand Alone

05/06/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

However, an interesting report has arrived today straight from Michael Bay at the MTV Movie Awards surrounding the story within the film. As tacky as this sounds, all of the characters have progressed from the introduction to the transformation stage in Transformers 2. Now that we know who everyone is, Bay says that it's all about escalation and progression with all of the characters, including the bots. "Let's just say [this] is not a lame sequel." Thank goodness for that!

Michael Bay is a master of hype and ego and his public statements are frequently loaded with hyperbole, fantasy, and delusions of grandeur. What he goes on to talk about with Transformers 2 is the idea that a sequel sets up yet another sequel all too often. For example, at the end of Matrix Reloaded, the scene that finishes off that film directly leads into Matrix Revolutions. Bay explains: "You know how those sequels they do the second one so you go see the third one? [Transformers 2] is it." He adds that this sequel won't have that set-up and resolution spread out amongst this and a third film, insisting instead that this one will stand alone. "First one was just introducing, setting up stuff, so we can go a lot farther. Let's just say [this] is not a lame sequel."

Of course we all know that Bay is beefing up the robots in Transformers 2 as much as his budget will allow. Initial rumors speculated that there would be a total of 20 bots in this one, although Bay seems to only care about the complexity of the bots and not the number. "The robots are going to surprise a lot of people because we go with a lot of different levels." For once this is admirable, because I don't think throwing out a number for the sake of pleasing fans is going to help this film. Even Megan Fox, who thankfully will return, adds this little cheesy teaser: "In this one I transform from a girl into a woman."


I would say this is actually a smart move on the part of Michael Bay, but here's the issue. We all know there will be a Transformer 3, there's no doubt about that. So why not setup a third film? I've never had a problem with the cliffhanger setups in other trilogies like Matrix and Pirates of the Caribbean. In fact, that's exactly how TV shows work. Every episode is designed to lead into the next – so why the hell is this a problem?! I think Bay is just getting a bit full of himself, which is when we take a step back and let him go back to blowing shit up. Does anyone else have a problem with cliffhangers?

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