Free Libary Set Report

18/06/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

He noticed that the 2nd floor of the Free Library was where the shoot centered and it involved an actress in a long blue gown, possibly a prom or wedding gown. Just as interesting is a chase sequence from Friday:

A security guard went on to tell us about a chase scene that was filmed the previous Friday right on East River Drive. He didn't know the names of the cars but by his description it was Ironhide, Bumblebee, and Prime in pursuit of some silver car. He said this silver car is nothing like what's out there now and didn't even know the make on it. He said it's really slick & looks way cool. But he said the chase scene is way cool especially for people who live in the city here. He said there's 3 wks left of filming in Philadelphia.

A gown? Could be a party dress to go with the frat party and just misinterpreted as I am assuming the dress description came from a guy but regardless what does it have to do with the story.


What of the East River filming? Could it be the Audi R8 that was spotted at the Bethlehem shoot and also filmed being chased? Another Transformer? With three weeks to go, what other places will Transformers 2 production pop up?

Source: Transformers Live