Bay in Vanguard for ShoWest

28/03/2009 0 By Administratus Prime

Bay will be feted at an awards gala set to close the annual exhibition confab April 2. ShoWest opens March 30 at the Bally's and Paris hotels in Las Vegas.

"Michael Bay's aggressive visual style and memorable action sequences leave audiences at the edge of their seats and running back to the theaters for more with each new release," Showest co-managing director Mitch Neuhauser said.

The first "Transformers" rung up $708 million in worldwide boxoffice after unspooling in July 2007. That represented a career-best for Bay, whose films have grossed more than $3 billion in worldwide boxoffice.


Bay's earlier films include "Bad Boys" (1995), "The Rock" (1996), "Armageddon" (1998) and "Pearl Harbor" (2001).

Bay has a production company, Bay Films, and is a partner in Platinum Dunes, a horror label known for remakes of genre classics, most recently "Friday the 13th."

Source: Hollywood Reporter