Cartoon Network Panel Report

26/04/2008 0 By Administratus Prime


  1. All 3 panelists have been huge TF fans since they were kids. Derrik though, was in college when Generation 1 came out. His first experience was Beast Machines, where he was a story editor.
  2. Bumper Robinson plays the voice of Blitzwing, who also happens to voice Bumblebee.
  3. Wreck Gar came first and then they tried to get Eric Idol; however, he was busy so they got Weird Al to voice him.
  4. Derrik worked on "Legion of Superheros" and "Teen Titans" and that is kind of how he draws. This is the main reasoning behind why the art style across all three of these shows are similar.
  5. Fred Willard will be voicing a unnamed character.
  6. The show is animated in widescreen HD files, but since Cartoon Network isn't a HD network and most of the US isn't used to watching stuff in widescreen, it's shown the way it is. The panelists noted that at some point, they would love to release it in its original format.
  7. When asked whether or not the voice actor do a ad libs, the panelists said that the end of episode 29 has a lot of ad lib in it.
  8. The panelists made a joke about a special musical episode with Sky-Byte (Robots In Disguise) making a appearance.
  9. If they were to put Waspinator in the series, they would try and get Scott McNeil to voice the part, the voice actor of the character in Beast Wars.
  10. When asked whose decision it was to make Sentinel Prime the biggest dick in the TF Universe, the reply was that it was the head writer's decision. Originally, they thought about making it Rodimus but they didn't want to make an established character tarnished.
  11. When asked if there were anything off-limits, standards and practices had the team edit a scene in the Constructicon episode where the character said, "what the fork is that?"
  12. Sometimes rights issues come up for names. Hasbro has been great to work with though.
  13. Why is Soundwave a van? Because he looks the most like a cassette player.