Asrock Mobo Optimus Prime Themed

Asrock Mobo Optimus Prime Themed

27/12/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

If you like PC modding and Transformers, you are in for something awesome. ASRock, a world known motherboard maker recently released a pair of photos of their upcoming motherboards with a twist of Transformers!

They come in two flavors – one is the X79 Optimus Prime motherboard, and the other one was themed after the infamous Bumblebee also an X79 Intel chipset.

Though these are not actual boards just yet, there is a big possibility they will be revealed in next month’s CES event in Las Vegas.


No specs documented so far but to note, they actually look similar to ASRock’s X79 Extreme9 motherboard. While no reason why it was done that way, we might speculate it was done for the sake of fun.

To add more computing ‘feel’ to go with this unit, you can buy Transfomers-themed gear from Razer, such as mice and laptop covers.

Check out the pics below to get a ‘feel’ of how the motherboards looked like:

Optimus Prime themed mobo

Bumblebee themed mobo