You Know You Are A Transformers Collector When…

You Know You Are A Transformers Collector When…

17/12/2006 0 By Administratus Prime

Tformers have come up with a few interesting points to know you are a Transformers Collector when…

  • You spend $100s to keep up your Transformers collection, but your car needs work bad.
  • You tell everyone but the credit card company, that you have a Transformers collection worth $1000s.
  • You believe that die-cast is a means to an end. Not an end to a means.
  • You have said “I will never pay that much for a Transformer” and did.
  • You dine on cheap pizza or hot dogs at a convention so you have more to spend on Transformers.
  • You have considered moving to Japan for the toys.You know the difference between stiff and loose joints.
  • You have had a talk with a significant-other that goes something like “if you buy one more Transformer, I am…” and you actually thought “Hmmmm, is it worth it?…”
  • You miss the Playschool Go-Bots.
  • You stare down anyone looking at the Transformers section in the store toy aisle.
  • You think robots are people too.
  • You have considered marrying someone without meeting them just because they collect Transformers.
  • Living space is proportional to the size of your Transformers collection.
  • It feels like a week has gone by when away from your computer for a couple days and can’t access your favorite Transformers sites.
  • You have cleared out your closet(s) for your Transformers collection.
  • No matter what Hasbro or Takara does, the best Transformer still hasn’t been made yet.
  • Your have a collection at work.You are sick of those pesky Transformers images filling up your hard drive.
  • BotCon is one of your vacations every year.
  • When you plan a visit somewhere, you consider places to shop for Transformers.
  • A delivery from the post man is the highlight of your day.
  • You consider your collection family.
  • Even your significant other says you should have bought a second one when you complain about how much people are paying for the hottest Transformer online.
  • You curse about living in your your City or State for not getting new Transformers soon enough.
  • One hundred Transformers figure seems like a small collection to you.
  • You refuse to acknowledge the existence of Animorphs.Got some of your own to add?