Yao Ming Transformer

09/12/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

Six presents. We're in a recession, my Ash Ketchum!

All right, time to go to work. You start ripping through presents like a coke fiend and to your surprise you're getting exactly what you asked for. Odd. This never happens.

iPod? Check. iPhone? New bike? Check. Remote control car? Check. Surfboard? Check. This is incredible.


And now, down to your last present, you fully expect to end the greatest Christmas pull in history by adding that cool Optimus Prime Transformer you begged for. The box looks about the right size. It's got the right weight to it. And hey, Prime was at the top of your list.

Highlighted. There's no way this isn't Prime …Unwrap, unwrap, unwrap …



Source: Yahoo Sports