Transformers 2 Not Delayed After All

20/08/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

Then it was causing a delay on the shooting schedule for Transformers 2. Now it turns out, that may be just as false as who was at fault for the accident in the first place.

Film School Rejects reports that Transformers 2 is moving forward as planned, without the rumored delay on the movie. In fact, the site says LaBeouf is scheduled to return to shooting this week, which means by the time some of you read this, LaBeouf may already be shooting scenes that nobody will tell you about until Transformers 2 hits theaters next June.

I still have a pretty high regard for LaBeouf, especially in a society where so many people idolize lesser figures like Miley Cyrus or Paris Hilton. I’ll be really glad if LaBeouf does return to work this week, because that action will prove he’s got admirable traits and serve as a giant middle finger to all the people who would rather hate on him because he’s young.


Source: Cinema Blend