Transformers The Ride, Scene By Scene

Transformers The Ride, Scene By Scene

02/12/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

Seems like Transformers The Ride is the biggest talk in town in south east Asia, if not Singapore! The reception has been awesome and here is some spoilers to share. Read at your own risk.

The ride will be approximately five-minute Transformers motion-simulator in the dark ride enhanced with high-definition 3D images and special effects thanks to ILM.

The story line will be an original one featuring the Autobots and Decepticons with their forms more or less inclined to the most recent Dark of the Moon.


The ride goes like this – you and your ride buddies will be ‘recruited’ to join the Autobots as human allies to accompany them in a ‘mission’.

The queue goes through the NEST command base with video screening ‘tutorials’ which includes some background explanation of the ride’s plot. The next will be the Allspark chamber where the shard is being contained in a protective glass display. Both of these chambers are wal throughs just to get you warmed up.

The loading station is where everything starts. You will be bundled up in Evac, your Autobot guide, and your mission is to protect the Allspark from the reach of the Decepticons at all costs.

Scene 1: The first scene will be a duel with Ravage where Ravage was assigned to infiltrate the Allspark chamber to seize the Allspark shard. The excitement on this is when Ravage leaped onto Evac’s hood and attempts to claw the riders in the midst of the firing by the NEST guards. Evac fends of the attack by speeding away from the scene in an erratic manner.

Megatron had the most appearance

Scene 2: This will be the duel between Bumblebee with Ravage and Sideways and along the scene Bumblebee will be fending off Sideway’s attempts to harass the riders. In this scene Ravage was killed by Bumblebee after he got ripped apart. Evac will leave Bumblebee sorting Sideways out by plunging through the walls and braving through the city traffic.

Scene 3: Megatron is making a showdown in this scene very briefly by attacking Evac. Just before things get ugly, Optimus Prime comes to the rescue. At the same time Grindor hovers past and trying to slice the riders with the copter blades but Evac narrowly escapes them.

Scene 4: With Megatron still hot on the rider’s tails, Evac was eventually captured by Megatron. Evac managed to break free by struggling from Megatron’s clutches. Evac erratically entered some tunnels and claiming that he is lost.

Scene 5: Coming out from the tunnel, Megatron reappears and just before he got his hands on Evac, Optimus Prime attacks from behind and wrestled with him. During the brawl, Megatron managed to fire a missile at Evac but being a tough nut, Evac managed to evade the missile and escaped through a hole blown by the missile itself. On this scene, riders can feel the heat dissipated from the fired missile!

Scene 6: The blown hole send Evac and the riders down to Devastator! On this encounter with Devastator, Evac almost got sucked in the mouth of Devastator.

Scene 7: Evac rendezvous with Sideswipe by escorting Evac through the busy streets slicing and dicing Decepticons along the way. The toughest minion they encounter is Bonecrusher. Just before escaping, Evac manage to fire at him. Sideswipe transforms into his alternate mode and cleared the way for Evac’s getaway.

Scene 8: During the getaway, Devastator emerges from behind again leading to another encounter with Devastator. Devastor generates a swirling vortex and this time Evac got sucked into his mouth and escaped to the other end only to be grabbed by Starscream’s grappling hook. Starscream in his alternate mode drags Evac through the air sending them crashing into building tops across office spaces with windows shattering all over the place.

Scene 9: Evac landed in a building space only to be greeted by the duel between Optimus and Megatron. Is something like the one shall stand, one shall fall scene where Optimus Prime battles Megatron hard in this final showdown.

Scene 10: Some generic Autobot helicopters were seen firing at Starscream giving enough time for Evac to evade the air harassment made by that air commander.

Scene 11: The fight between the two warring faction leaders escalated to the top of a skyscraper. Megatron manage to grab hold of Evac again over the edge and both of them were lunged and fall headfirst on the street below the skyscraper. As a result of the fall, Megatron died. Evac was saved by Bumblebee again at this moment.

Scene 12: Optimus Prime congratulates Evac and his rider buddies for the accomplished mission by saying ‘Your bravery saved the planet. Well done’ The ride ended when Evac mumbles a little bit while transporting the riders to the unloading bay where the riders were dropped off.