Prime Returns In February

Prime Returns In February

04/01/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

The twenty-six episode series of Transformers: Prime kicked off on The Hub back in November with the first five episodes which were billed as a miniseries. The show apparently did well enough that The Hub has decided to bring it back with the remainder of the series planned for a weekly airing in its new time slot of 4:30 PM ET on Fridays, starting on the 11th.

According to ICv2, the show was popular with both kids and adults as 43% of kids 2-11 watched with adults 18-49. The Hub will also be bringing back the first five episodes to get people in the mood for it again, and for those that missed it to catch up, buy airing two episodes per week on Friday’s starting from January 14th until February 11th when the new material begins.

Transformers: Prime continues to have a solid voice cast, from bringing back originals like Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime but also bringing in such notable actors as Jeffrey Combs and Dwayne Johnson. Anime fans will note that there are some names to recognize from there as well, including long time voice actor Steve Blum who regularly works in other animation voice acting areas.


Plot summary: It has been awhile since the Decepticons last attacked Earth and the Autobots await their return. While befriending some human children, the Autobots fight to protect the Earth from the Decepticons, and the return of Megatron who has been missing for three Earth years. With the possession of Dark Energon, Megatron plans to use this as a way to defeat the Autobots.