Original Machines

26/07/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

They claimed that they grew up with Transformers, they are obsessed with the movie and truly feel this song is perfect for it. Their Facebook link is at the bottom of this article.

Who are they?

With everything in their way and nothing to lose, Red Roses Black has jumped onto the music scene; attacking every opportunity they’ve been given. “Non-conformist, superbly rich, sublimely original, say hello to Red Roses Black” 5 time Juno award winner, Alan Frew (Glass Tiger).


Fronted by lead singer and chief songwriter, Sean Andrews, this band has all the potential to make it big. Playing with such bands as Marianas Trench and Juno nominated illScarlett. Red Roses Black is on the rise fast. Their hard-hitting, catchy rock tracks are accompanied by epic and emotive vocals, and brought full circle by expansive electronic landscapes.

With that said, Red Roses Black thrives on being the next “New and Great Sound”. “Energetic, talented, and tight, with a catchy name, even catchier tunes, and an impressive live show that will leave you singing their songs, as well as their praises, long after the music has ended. Red Roses Black definitely are a band to watch” Laurie Lonsdale, writer for Fazer Magazine.


The “In Transition” EP is the band’s first release. It includes the track “Original Machines”, which is currently in the KIAC Big 50 chart, at iacmusic.com

The band is dedicated to putting on a captivating live performance. Being on the road is the their first passion and highest priority. Operating under the belief that live music is the heart of the industry, they truly make every venue their home. “They really know how to make the music come to life. Their energetic live act always leaves you wanting more.” says Will Marr (illScarlett)

Leading the next generation of bands, Red Roses Black creates the songs you can’t stop singing, the albums you can’t put away, and the music you live for. Never-ending resolve and un-wavered passion for their craft is the forefront of the band’s quickly rising success. In under a year they have paved a whirl-wind path that will only continue to gain speed and power. With the inability to accept no as an answer. Red Roses Black is sure to take the world by storm one venue and one fan at a time.

Source: Red Roses Black @ Myspace & Red Roses Black's TF2 Support Group @ Facebook