Movie Ramjet & Skywarp

06/01/2009 0 By Administratus Prime

The images accompanying the auction listing shows an alternate / jet modes of Starscream's figure mold colored in black and purple with set of purple missiles for Skywarp.

Ramjet is colored in the traditional white, red/maroon and black with gold missiles.  As with most things, these items have not been officially announced by Hasbro so take the names and such as just rumors until official information is released.

The new image is especially good in that is offers a new and clearer view of the two figure's paint applications as well as a perspective from above.


Far as we can see there are no obvious mold changes or additions made to either of the figures give us some confirmation that these are just straight repaints. Good news for all those seeker lovers out there.


 UPDATE: Two new auctions solves the head mold questions. The Ramjet Figure appears with the Starscream head. The Skywarp head will use the Thundercracker mold.

Source: Tformers