Michael Bay Reveals ‘Transformers’ Details

10/04/2009 0 By Administratus Prime

Until now, that is.

With an enormous Bumblebee standing guard outside the entrance of the Paris Las Vegas hotel and casino, Michael Bay strode into a recent exclusive interview with MTV and began by venting about the Autobot whose performance disappointed him so much that he killed it. From there, things got even more spoiler-iffic.

"There's no car chase in this movie," the director began, speaking possible heresy for a film about sleek automobiles. "There's a lot of different types of action. In some movies, it's the same action throughout the entire movie. There's a lot of different types of action in this one, and that makes it interesting."


Another interesting element of the Transformers sequel is its preference of IMAX technology over the currently-in-vogue 3-D. Bay shot down rumors that the upcoming movie would be three-dimensional and instead revealed that one of the three scenes he shot with the big-screen technology will focus on the biggest of all Transformers.

"You will see Devastator in IMAX," Bay said of the massive Decepticon, glimpsed in the trailer and formed when several Decepticons come together. "You heard it here first."

"[Several scenes] are going to be on IMAX, which is awesome," Bay explained. "Some of our main scenes were shot with IMAX cameras, so the screen will pop wide [if you see the film in an IMAX theater]. It's the first movie to do serious digital effects in IMAX quality."

And if the thought of Devastator in IMAX doesn't have you already setting aside 10 bucks for a "Revenge of the Fallen" ticket, we also asked Bay about his other eye-popping special effect: Megan Fox.

"[Wait until you see] the very first shot in the movie," he replied when we asked whether Megan gets a moment as memorable as her hood-opening flirtation with Bay's lingering camera in the first film. "You'll see."

"It's better," he said of Fox's sexy re-introduction in the sequel. "[While filming] I was at a gas station buying ice cream bars, and these 15-year-old boys were looking at me. They were like, 'You're that dude that directed "Transformers"!' And I'm like, 'Yeah. Do you want to see "Transformers 2"? They were like, 'Yeah!' "

"I said, 'Why do you want to see it?' And together, in unison, they said, 'The hot chick!' " Michael Bay laughed. "It will be a good shot for them."

Source: MTV Asia