Bay Says No to TF3 in 2011

28/03/2009 0 By Administratus Prime

Bay indicated he “needs a break from fighting robots,” and to meet a 2011 release date for the second sequel in this toy movie franchise, he’d have to start prep work this September. “No way,” he wrote. “I said I was taking a year off from Transformers.” He also added, “Paramount made a mistake.”

Paramount execs are most likely scrambling after waking up to this news and perhaps a very terse voice mail from Bay, but we’re sure this will be resolved very soon. However, what if Paramount is dead-set on a 2011 release date?

Will they even think about moving forward with “Transformers 3” without Bay? Highly unlikely, but they’d probably have to throw some considerable cash Bay’s way if they need him to start pre-production this fall.


“Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” is slated for release this summer on June 24, so many eyebrows were raised when Paramount announced a release date for the third film this soon.

Historically, these types of announcements are saved for just after the opening weekend of the latest installment, but it can be speculated that Paramount wanted to lay an early claim to the lucrative July 4th holiday weekend and/or simply wanted to keep up the good buzz stemming from the recent announcement of the updated Marvel movie schedule. (Paramount is distributing all the movies from Marvel Studios.)

Source: MTV