‘I Wanna Concentrate on Acting’

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Tyrese Gibson is an American hip-hop artist, songwriter, rapper, former fashion model, MTV VJ and now actor. After releasing his first album, Tyrese, he made a transition into movies, securing roles in Baby Boy, Too Fast Too Furious, Flight of the Phoenix, Four Brothers, Annapolis, Waist Deep, Transformers and his latest, Death Race.

His other albums include 2000 Watts, I Wanna Go There and Alter Ego. He has now put his music career on hold to concentrate on acting and is currently shooting for Transformers 2.

Excerpts from an interview


Is it true that you’ve put your music on hold to concentrate on acting?

God has blessed me with several talents, but it’s hard work. So I’ve had to shut a few things down. I was starting to get overwhelmed. For me it is family first and now, it’s acting. In the beginning, music was the drive and its still my first love but it’s something I need to a take a break from.

I’ve had 14 years in the music business. I’ve touched every stage, been all over the world and now it’s time to concentrate on movies and we’ll see what happens. Acting has been a real, unexpected blessing with films like Transformers and Death Race being seen around the world.

As a car lover, Death Race must have been a dream job?

You’re not wrong. For me, all the elements were there — hot cars, hot girls, big action and dark performances. It’s a nice formula.

Do you think some people will criticise the violence?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the Governor of California and he has done some of the most violent movies out there.

It’s just a figment of people’s imaginations — no one died. All the people that appeared to get killed are at home chilling with their families. It’s just acting. And I love action films. I love good sci-fi and thrillers too. There really is no limit to the number of films I want to be associated with. If you look at my films, I can go heavy, I can go light, I can do jokes, I can jump into Transformers and chase robots. And I want to really spread myself out there in the universe.

What type of movies do you wish to do?

Animation. I want do some voiceover. Plus, taking a break from singing, I miss being in the studio. Animated movies are also films that families can see.

How involved are you, with your multimedia company, Headquarter Entertainment?

It’s my multimedia empire comprising film, TV and music. We also have about seven technologies including mobile technologies that we’re developing. I have two patents that are registered. With the music, I will do another album myself, but like I said, I want to concentrate on acting for the next four or five years.

Source: Deccan Herald