Ironhide (Leader)

Ironhide (Leader)

30/07/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

Leader class Ironhide is the first Ironhide being introduced as a leader class enhanced with MechTech goodness. He comes with a chest-mounted Cybertronian Blitz Cannon that can be activated by a lever via the license plate panel on his abdomen is flipped and pushed down or via a tall gray piece on the back-right of his head is pressed down.

This will result in his abdomen to open up with his spinning cannon is deployed. His eyes will light up and a rapid-fire shooting sound will activate until the button is released. The cannon retracts back into his innards and a powering-down sound is played.

Other lights and sounds can be deployed from his head. This can be done in two ways either the button on his chest or the lever on the back of his head are used. This will cause his mouthplate moves down, his eyes flash green and says the following the phrases, “Ironhide, here” and “Weapons ready”.


He also comes with cannons mounted on his arms, roof that pop out and deploy when each respective smokestack is pulled, and can be used in either vehicle or robot mode. There is also a small button behind the cabin that emits a rather faint sound of the vehicle driving and firing its cannons or ramming through obstacles when it is pressed. If the button is held down further, additional driving and engine revving sounds are emitted.

His gimmicks even comes with his legs! He had two hidden weapons – the left leg is where he stores his knife, and the right leg contains a spring-loaded cannon.

Leader Ironhide is the only MechTech toy that isn’t purely MechTech as the gimmicks are totally unrelated to the typical spring-loaded MechTech weapons. He had only two MechTech ports on his hood-halves which can only be accessed in robot mode.