“The Transformers Rapist”

28/08/2010 0 By Administratus Prime

PREBLE COUNTY, Ohio — A man arrested last January for raping his ex-girlfriend at gunpoint, is now facing new charges.

Police said he wore a “Transformers” mask while committing that crime. Now, 23-year-old Travis Davis is facing new charges for allegedly stalking another former girlfriend.

Davis pleaded guilty to rape earlier this month for the attack in Preble County. However, while he was waiting to be sentenced, police in Pennsylvania arrested him for this new crime.


The bizarre crime earlier this year earned Davis the nickname, “The Transformer Rapist.” Sheriff said, “When she came down the stairs, he was already in the house.” Authorities said he raped a Preble County woman at gunpoint while wearing a Transformers Mask complete with a voice changer. Prosecutors said it was part of a twisted plan to convince the ex-girlfriend to take him back.

Police said Davis used the name of the woman he raped to create a fake Facebook profile and then contacted another former girlfriend who lives in Delmont, Pennsylvania. Authorities said Davis tried to blackmail the woman into moving back home and reuniting with him by exposing sexually explicit photos and videos of the former couple.

Then, last week, police said Davis showed up outside the woman’s house, allegedly grining with him a boxcutter, a handgun, and several rounds of ammunition. Davis’ defense attorney, Matthew Schimizzi said, “I have not seen any evidence yet. I am anxiously awaiting to see what it is.”

Davis is now in jail in Pennsylvania on a $75,000 bond. He faces charges of stalking, harrassment and criminal coercion. A judge there ordered Davis to undergo a mental evaluation before his next court hearing. There is no word on how this new case will affect his sentencing next month for the Preble County rape.