Optimus Prime Parts Swiped For Voltron?

Optimus Prime Parts Swiped For Voltron?

07/02/2012 0 By Administratus Prime

Here are some funny facts about Voltron being swiped with Optimus Prime. On the left is the cover to Voltron #1 by Eagner Reis.

Voltron & Optimus Prime

Some Transformers fans saw similarities with a certain representation of Optimus Prime as seen in the Transformers movies. And pointed out the highlighted bits below for comparison.

It was discovered by a forumer from Allspark when he went to pick up the first issue of Dynamite Comics’ Voltron, to be met with the cover by Wagner Reis.


It’s basically movie Optimus with tacked on Voltron parts. This is easily evident in the legs, which are Optimus all the way except for the blocky Voltron lion on the foreground leg. Furthermore, the chunks of Optimus’ shoulder are left behind as part of Voltron’s wing.

Finally, Optimus’ back-mounted fuel tanks are Voltron’s back-maounted fuel tanks, whereas Voltron normally has nothing on his back aside from wings and some pointy shoulder blades.

The reader think the image is swiped from this DOTM promo render, but something else might fit better (It might also be from the Sideshow Optimus Prime maquette, as the positions are more similar).

Odd, but news!