Has The iPod Killed TF Coolest Bad Guy?

17/10/2008 0 By Administratus Prime

 It’s like a special nerdy version of Transformers Good News/Bad News: Soundwave will be in Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen?

Good! He’ll be transforming into a pick-up truck in the movie? Not just bad, but a whole special brand of WTF bad.

Seriously, a pick-up truck? Have the movie makers lost their minds, or is this just one more reason to bemoan the death of the walkman?


The news about Soundwave’s new transformation comes from fansite TFW2005, which reports that that’s just one of his new forms – he’ll also turn into a Cybertronian satellite at some point during the movie, apparently. We’re willing to overlook that, because at least a satellite has something to do with transmissions of some kind… as opposed to a car.

The worst thing is, this won’t even be the first time Soundwave has had to undergo the indignity of turning into a car – in the current Cartoon Network series, he changes into “a loudspeaker-equipped Scion xB,” and the ill-fated 1990s “Generation 2” revamp of the franchise turned him into a NASCAR racing car.

All of which leads us to ask: Does no-one remember how cool it was for Soundwave to turn into something that not only wasn’t a vehicle (like 90% of the other Transformers), but was also the ideal disguise for some evil spying?

Actually, we already know that we’re not along on that front: they may still have the look of the old school tapedeck version of the character, but whoever created the Soundwave mp3 player?

You’re definitely one of us. Now all we have to do is send one of these to everyone involved in the making of Revenge Of The Fallen, and sit back to wait for the message to sink in.

Source: IO9