Foodieformers – “Chocwave” & “Snowballimus”

Foodieformers – “Chocwave” & “Snowballimus”

18/09/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

Everyone seem to want a piece of fame from Transformers franchise. Extending from the conventional action figure, they seem to be everywhere even as household and food products.

What is the worse form that you can imagine having your Transformers transformed into? This one goes the extra mile for silliness. Hostess has two new color schemes in their snack cake line for Transformers 3: the pictured Snoballimus, colored like Optimus Prime, and Chocwave, which resembles Shockwave. Shocking eh?

Hostess Snowballimus, poor Prime

Hostess Chocwave - poor Shockwave!

What is making it more sinful with the movie tie-in, “Chocwave” and “Snowballimus” treats are doubly shameless as a contest enters with their existence as well. They slap Transformers on there for the first part of the sale and hoping to make the most of the limited window during which Hostess intends to sully itself with Transformers-based goods, there’s a promoted contest related to the treats that offers a $25,000.00 prize.


Had enough of it or digging the info for more, check the makers out, Hostess at their website.