Transformers Fair 2009

Queensbay Transformers Fair 2009 is an initiative taken by UIP and Queensbay Mall after all other event venues have turn down UIP for the largest Transformers event in Klang Valley. Since we have been working closely with UIP, we were offered to help Queensbay Mall to launch the biggest Revenge of the Fallen movie event in Malaysia as the official exhibitor of all our collections. The event was  made possible by key sponsors such as Golden Screen Cinemas, United International Pictures, LG, The Stage and KFC.

Event Details

Event: Queensbay Transformers Fair 2009
Venue: Ground & 1st Floor Central Zone, Queensbay Mall, Bayan Lepas, Penang
Date: 26 – 28 June 2009


  1. YB Danny Law Heng Kiang (Penang Tourism Development and Culture, Arts and Heritage Committee Exco), ADUN Batu Lanchang
  2. Kara Lee – United International Pictures (UIP) Malaysia
  3. Wendy Wong – Queensbay Mall
  4. Admin Prime – Transfans Malaysia (TransMY)


  1. Transformers toys exhibition
  2. Megan Fox look alike contest
  3. Children coloring contest
  4. Car parade at Driveway
  5. Movie ticket contest
  6. Stage games
  7. Auctions

Official Dealers

  1. Hasbro
  2. Unique Toys
  3. Robot Master

Official Exhibitors

  1. TransMY
  2. Hasbro


  1. Penang Chapter
    • TCracker – Symon Yong
    • Ameet2000 – Ahmad Fadzlizan
    • fumiharuho – Kevin Ho
    • banker – Chng How Jair
    • blurrprime – Isaac Ng
    • player – Raymond Loo
    • einsamsoldat – Chow Kar Meng
    • hakim82 – Hakim
    • honkhet – Tony Chuah
    • f_khri – Anis Fakri
    • warhead_maximus – Venoth
    • maverick
    • Calvinfoo
    • Andymus – Andy
  2. Klang Valley Chapter
    • Admin Prime – C.Y.Wong
    • Monkticon – Mike Wong
    • Sparty – Rezall Roslan
    • neo98 – Raymond Teng
    • Predaking – Zodie
    • Blur – Anis
    • Muscular_Convoy – Syamaizar
    • Chromia – Nor Azlin
    • Airpool – Syaiful


Crossing the Penang bridge
Crossing the Penang bridge

Our trip begins on the 25th June from USJ 24 where Klang Valley chapter rendezvous to meet. Our chartered bus started the journey in the morning and with nearly 3 hours of journey we reached Queensbay Mall unloading bay welcomed by Symon.

We were greeted by the Queensbay Mall official such as Chris Koh and Wendy who brought us to tour around the exhibition area. After that we returned to our hotel at Crystal Suite with Symon accompanying us for further discussion on the layouts. We took a short break for shower and dinner downstairs before heading to the mall right after it closed.

TransMY Briefing time
TransMY Briefing time

There we saw our enthusiastic Penang team already assembled with Symon briefing them and Calvin was busy handling registrars. After receiving orders from Symon, all members go to their stations and start arranging their stuff. We finished around 4am and head back to get some rest.

Some members already arrived as early as 9am to set up what was undone the night before while the rest was arranging and diorama and start welcoming visitors.

Friday afternoon was rather quiet but the traffic peaked around evening right after office hours and dinner. Nothing much going on on Friday night as everything was free and easy.

The officiation of the ceremony
The officiation of the ceremony

The next day 27th June, the  exhibition was officiated by YB Danny Law, Penang State Tourism Minister and accompanied by Ms. Selina Ng, General Manager of Queensbay Mall Penang. The reception was great as it had drawn in unbelievable stream of fans from Penang, Kedah and Perak and even hardcore transformers fans from as far as Kuala Lumpur.

With an awesome reception from fans from all age, they can be seen browsing, bidding and grabbing their choice of transformers collectibles that was up for auction and sale during the exhibition.

Fans and shoppers alike were truly enthralled and captivated with the display of over 1000 transformers collectibles in different shapes and sizes on Ground Floor and 1st Floor of the Mall’s main atrium.

Enthusiastic crowd
Enthusiastic crowd

Our members were having fun interacting with a more keener crowd compared to yesterday. People of all ages including women and youths. It seems like everyone is having fun with our members demonstrating Ultimate Bumblebee and many are keen to have their picture taken with it.

The first round of Are You Hot Enough “Mikaela Banes” Look-A-Like Contest has taken place outside the mall where pretty models in their best, strut and pose while interacting with the settings such as motorbikes and cars with shutterbugs flashing their cameras.

Parents playing with TOYS
Parents playing with TOYS

The final day on Sunday is more of a fun-filled day for family with kids. Fifty Kuntum Club young members, aged from five to twelve, were seen participating in the game ‘Spot the Difference’ accompanied by moms and dads, who joined in the fun as well. Aspiring female models joined in the Are You Hot Enough “Mikaela Banes” Look-A-Like Contest that entailed them to get on a Superbike and posed for the flashing cameras.

The event has indeed created much excitement in the mall as everyone rushed to see the pretty babes during the final round of Are You Hot Enough “Mikaela Banes” Look-A-Like Contest. The competition and winner announcement took place on the 1st floor stage. Three outstanding young ladies, Ms. Felicia Tan, Ms. Yumiko Ching and Ms. Stefanie Chua bagged away the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes respectively with oohs and aahs from majority male crowd.

Parting ways
Parting ways

Meanwhile, in ‘Guess & Win’ contest, Ms. Theresa Lim, a Penangite, walked away with the Grand Prize of a LG Home Theatre System, as she managed to answer all the questions accurately and pleased the judges immensely with the winning slogan “I love shopping at Queensbay Mall because I feel like a Queen, spoilt for choice!”

Big boys were also not left out. Over twenty huge and stylish Superbikes were brought in for the exhibition, with variation in models, speed and power; they left many big boys wanting for more.

The team
The team

As the exhibition drew to an end on late Sunday, 28 June, fans of Transformers left with dreamy faces and with them, their favourite collectibles in their arms and cherished memories. For TransMY it has been a breath-taking experience as this has been the largest scale that our group have contributed so far.

Our members start packing up around 9.30pm right after the auction ended. The tedious task took us about 2 hours before taking a group photo with the Queensbay Mall management and bidding farewell.

After a night’s rest, we left for KL bringing back awesome memories!


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