3rd Official Gathering

TransMY’s third official gathering was held on the June 2007 and is a double event where we were involved in Malaysia’s very first Transformers fair as well – the Robotcon 2007. The gathering took place on the second day Robotcon with a reserved area at the concourse.


Coordinator: Admin Prime & Monkticon
Finance: Monkticon
Liaison: Monkticon & Sparty
Logistics: Alpha3Convoy & Neo98
Registrar: Muscular_Convoy & Blur
Security: Neo98
General Duties: Faiya_Convoy & Decepticrash


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Gathering Minutes

Event: TransMY 3rd Official Gathering
Venue: Cineleisure, Damansara
Date: 23th June 2007
Time: 11.00am – 7.00pm
Fee: RM80.00

1100: Registration and goodie bags giveaway

1200: Introductory by founders and sponsors.

1230: Ice breaking sessions among collectors.

1300: Recap on TransMY’s future plan.

1315: Reviews on TransMY’s limelight in all Medias.

1330: Multimedia previews on Transformers movie trailers, ads, & all tf related media.

1430: Lunch break at Kopi Oh

1500: Transformers toys showcase and reviews among collectors

1530: Games (Who can transforms the fastest)

1615: Photo visual slideshows of collector’s collections.

1700: Transformers figure auction session.

1800: Lucky Draw and prize giveaways.

1900: Closing speech + free and easy.


  1. 1 x TransMY Exclusive Goodie Giveaway (inclusive print out materials)
  2. 1 x TransMY Exclusive T-Shirt (comes in 2 designs – goodie & baddie, you get a random one. to get the second design you gotta pay extra)
  3. 1 x TransMY Exclusive Membership Card (lotsa discounts from this card usage!)
  4. 2 x Exclusive Transformers Movie Premiere on 27th June (TransMYian watch a day earlier than everyone else)
  5. Food & beverage included
  6. Eligible to be qualified for the Grand Prize (TransMY Exclusive Leader Prime) and Lucky Draw giveaways worth RM1000.00.


  1. Mr. James Loh (Toy Workers) – main sponsor
  2. Mr. Raymond Fang (General Manager, Mun Sang Media) – official media publisher
  3. Ms. Kara Lee (Marketing Director, UIP Malaysia)
  4. Mr. Patrick Wee (Managing Director, MyPartners Communications)
  5. Mr. Charlie (General Manager, Hasbro Malaysia)


SentinelPrimus quoted;

” All i have to say is GEGARRRR!!!!! Hahaha! In my point of view the event was awesome!! Over 400 figures in display~~ Big new announcementsss from Monkticon~ Iacon Hub!!!!!!! I enjoyed every minute of our 3rd gathering~~”

Gudjinrai quoted;

“Dunno how to comment bad, so comment good! Can do bestest next year! Terima kasih & tahniah semua (you know, we know who you are) AJK yang telah berpenat lelah menjayakan aktiviti kite kali ini. Jasa mu di kenang.”

Alphatrion quoted;

“Super great gathering, as this is my 1st time. Met new cool people with same interests…wow….im in awe…Also thanks to GOC and sponsors for making it happen. In addition thanks for Paul for holding the plastic bags full of raffles and Mike for pickin my name in lucky draw…hehe. im so looking forward for next robotcon and gathering.”


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