2nd Official Gathering

Second gathering was planned half year before right after the first success of the first official gathering in 2004. As we are gaining momentum, we realised that to harness the camaraderie among the members is through a social networking. Henceforth, we will try to make this a tradition.


  1. Coordinator: Admin Prime & Monkticon
  2. Finance: Monkticon
  3. Liaison: Monkticon & Sparty
  4. Logistics: Alpha3Convoy & Neo98 “
  5. Publicity: Skytq
  6. Registrar: Decepticrash
  7. Security: Neo98
  8. Transport: Sentinel_Prime
  9. Designer: Unforgiven69
  10. General Duties: Faiya_Convoy


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Gathering Minutes

Event: TransMY 2nd Official Gathering
Venue: TJ Haus Restaurant, 27A, SS18/1B, 47500 Subang Jaya.
Date: 19th Feb 2005
Time: 1700-2200 Hours (reception starts at 1630 hrs)

16.30: GOC’s arrival with arrangement with venue owners.

17.00: Members arrival followed with registration

17.15: Welcome speech from Founder

17.30: Ice-Breaking Session – members intro themselves

18.00: Q&A session with Founder

19.00: Dinner & special screening

20.15: Quiz Session GOC’s

20.45: Lucky draw & Prize Giving

21.00: Auction

21.30: ‘Show of force’ – toy displays and toy demos from members

22.00: Photography session

22.15: Gathering End


  1. Wingsaber – Nitro Convoy
  2. Autobot – Galaxy Convoy
  3. Supa_Convoy – Blitzwing
  4. Decepticrash – Energon Grimlock & Swoop
  5. Admin Prime – Galaxy Force Starscream, BotCon Tigatron, Energon Checkpoint & Prowl
  6. Monkticon – RID Landfill, KO Primal Magnus, BM Supreme Cheetor, BW Bat Primal vs “. “Croc Meg “.
  7. Neo98 – RID Clear versions, BT Red Meister
  8. Omega_primus – Galaxy Force Vector Prime
  9. Robonaut – Gigastorm & Car Robot Black Convoy
  10. Alanyap – LEGO Metroplex
  11. Sparty – G1 Metroplex, Cyberhawk, Sixshot, Railrazer & RID Galvatron
  12. Jetson – G1 Ultra Magnus, Energon Snowcat, Demolishor, & Prowl
  13. Cheetus – Depth Charge &  Rampage
  14. Raydenex – GF Exillion
  15. Peeky_Supreme – Takara Superlink Megatron
  16. SV_Sixshot – G1 Dezaras
  17. Skytq – G1 Fortress Maximus
  18. Unforgiven69 – Fire Guts God Ginrai
  19. KA – G1 Shockwave, comics


  1. Main Course
    • Crispy Duck (German Dish)
    • Hungarian Goulash (spicy beef)
    • Grilled Fillet Fish with cream sauce
    • Sweet n Sour Chicken
  2. Secondary
    • Butter Rice
    • Fried Noodles
  3. Side Dish
    • Potatoes
    • Cream Soup
    • French Loaf
    • Vegetables Mix
    • Fruit Mix
  4. Dessert
    • Bavarian Cream
  5. Drinks
    • Mineral water (FOC)


GOC’s gathered at Sentinel_Prime’s house in SS19A, with the first to arrive was Alpha3Convoy (fka Gowron) with the gathering tags ready. Sentinel_Prime who was the Transport Coordinator was in the nearest LRT station fetching FallFromGrace who have just arrived from JB. Neo98 arrived not long after that with all his audio-visual gadgets. Soon, Sentinel_Prime arrived with FallFromGrace with OptimusPrime. Neo98, Alpha3Convoy, Decepticrash & Monkticon loaded all the toy prizes, tags and registrar documents into the car and drove off to TJ Haus.

Cryotec, FallFormGrace & Optimus Prime was in the 3rd car in the convoy. When the first GOC party arrived, there were already 10+ enthusiastic members who were already there waiting at the entrance. When the management open their doors, the members hurried upstairs and mingle with each other while the first. GOC party setting up registrar & audio-visual devices. 2nd party arrived and hurried upstairs and there were already like 90% of  attendees there.

The infamous TF the Movie theme song, ‘You Got The Touch’ quickly filled the air giving a strong sense of nostalgic deja vu amongst the members. GOCs quickly instructed the toys should be moved to the table at the balcony so that the table could be used to accomodate the arriving members. GOC such as Decepticrash & Alpha3Convoy was in-charge of registrars and coordinator was busy requesting attendees to settle down in their seats so that the opening can be start-off immediately.

At around 5.15pm, registrar are done with their job with 2-3 late comers arriving few minutes after that. Coordinator kick-start the gath with a welcoming speech thanking all who ha made the effort to come and later the Ice-Breaking session begins starting off with all the members introducing themselves to all with intro to their nickname, real name, and a little background in Transformers. Around 6pm, Ice-Breaking ended and for the rest 30 minutes, Founder took the opportunity to brief about the groups ongoing projects among all was the membership card, hosting & migration, domain name, t-shirt, affiliates, & car sticker issues.

Founder was reminding members that the past projects was not forgotten and the group is still waiting enough quorum to make the project work. The membership card, t-shirt & car sticker was the project carried from the last year and the reason it was seemingly ‘silent’ because the group haven’t achieved the target yet as the deal with Studio 78 says, the minimum order that they can cater are 50 units. Founder trying to assure that, by the 3rd gathering majority can already own an official t-shirt as well as a membership card which deals with affiliate shops.

Founder also briefed about the recent issues of running out of webspace in timichost.net because of the heavy usage of photos. As timichost is hosting our site free, it is impossible to request anymore webspace and therefore we might need a solution to get the site hosted locally. TMNet through Vector_Storm has suggested that TransMY can became a resident in their site to boost traffic and TransMY might get a deal of getting the domain name – transmy.com.my sponsored provided TransMY can provide a win-win situation for both parties.

The migration might take place rapidly after PHP was installed in 2 months time in TMNet’s webservers as it was running Microsoft’s ASP at the moment. PHP is important as the CMS that TransMY was using are PHP-based CMS’es. Founder also informed that he is experimenting with a new CMS called Mambo 4.5 which is rich in features and robust in security. There might be a possibility that the current CMS that TransMY is using now will be ported to Mambo by the end of this year, running phpBB forum OR Simpleboard forum by TSMF.

Founder immediately brought good news to members by announcing 2 latest deals that TransMY has struck recently – one with Idreamsilver.com & shioktoys.com as both of this toystore agreed to be TransMY’s affiliate provided if we submitted a proposal. The final part of the briefing was filled with Q&A session among GOC & members and Suprem[o] and SV_Sixshot suggested that our logos should be changed to reflect a new identity and their suggestion was made because of the sudden fear in copyright issues which much alerted the founder too.

At 6.30pm, founder adjourn the session as there is no more Q&As from members. Members are free to mingle around and get to know each other for the rest of the half hour. Name submission for quiz and auction was open then to members to submit their names. At 7pm, attendees was informed by Monkticon, our Liaison officer that dinner is ready. The dinner was prepared in the buffet room and attendees quickly make their way queueing for the food and here’s the menu of the food:

During ‘makan time’, attendees was entertained with some downloaded TF funnies on the screen and everyone seems to have a great laugh especially Predaking who seems to be too over-excited. Good food + good views really create a good atmosphere as members finish up 3 rounds of buffet servings with their favorites; Grilled Fish with Cream sauce among the ones which finishes first. Smokers take turns to enjoy the scenery at the balcony while others taking photographs of the toys that towered up high on display.

At quarter past eight, most attendees are done with the makan session and founder quickly alerted the Logistics officers to slow the volume down and immediately shut down the projector. Founder then announced that the quiz participants take place in the front row. They were then introduced – Predaking, Takato, SV_Sixshot, E2an1 & Suprem[o] as the participants for the quiz. The quiz will be a 5 round quiz where each participant will be popped a TF question related to G1, Beast Era, Armada, RID, Energon & toylines.

At the end of all rounds, there were 3 ties between Predaking, Takato & SV_Sixshot and founder immediately pop backup questions and at the end there were still ties between Predaking & Takato with SV_Sixshot was the 3rd place. To decide the winner & runner up, GOCs pop 2 questions and to everyone surprise it was still a tie in the end and finally, founder have to pop a question related to OTFCC toyline that quickly gob smacked the participants.

At the end Takato got the answer and he was announced the winner & Predaking as the 2nd runner up with SV_Sishot as the third. The next slot was an auction slot where only 2 members – Neo98 & E2an1 decided to auction their stuffs. The items that was auctioned were 3 Japanese victory series (limbs & parts of Leokaiser), & a NightBeat headmaster all by E2an1 & the killer auction of all, a BW2 Gigastorm was up for grabs!! Surprisingly, the auction session that was expected to be the dullest activity of the day quickly ushered large attention, with thunderous laughter and jeers for each bidders and ‘promoters’ such as Sparty with his ‘death-lenggang ala-bapok’ quickly amused all the attendees with their thunderous laughter and giggles.

The auction was all sold out and the first seemingly worried E2an1 looked happy when his loose items sold like hot cakes. Not to say Neo98 who are quite shocked with a lousy start bid for his Gigastorm make smiles when his auction forked RM360 from fishyahoo after winning close to the next bidder, Predaking. Winners such as Decepticrash, Tron07, Fishyahoo & others quickly deal with their payments to their lucky auctioneers.

The show goes on with the most awaited session that was the Lucky Draw Session and prize giving ceremony. The prizes was given to the quiz winners:

  • Takato, (BW Scavenger)
  • Predaking (G1 Skids)
  • SV_Sixshot (GF Gasket)

The Lucky draw started when the numbers are shuffled in a small box and founder passed them to each GOC’s to pick & announce the winners. The winners for the lucky draw are as follows:

  • Keane (Energon Kickback)
  • Planbot (G1 Skids)
  • Suprem[o] (Energon Sharkticon)
  • Wancinx (Energon Prowl)
  • Wingsaber (RM Burning Convoy)
  • X-Prime (BW Scavenger)
  • Fishyahoo (TFU Smokescreen vs Ransack)
  • Predaking (Ultimate Guide Book)
  • NiMH (TFU Nemesis Prime)

Planbot amazes everyone by leading his ‘cheerleading pressure group’ to pressure grand prize winners by saying ‘BUKA! BUKA! BUKA!’ to pressure winners to open and show-off their toys and, that quickly followed by laughers and giggles among the attendees. The activity that followed after that was the ‘show of force’ session by showing of their toys. It surprised us the organisers as the amount of toybringers are around 5-6 times more than the one stated in the forum count. It quickly occupied 3 tables with the main tables where all the bases reside.

Robonaut and his cronies displayed their amazing bases among with other featured figures – loose, MISBs, MIB, MOSC, MOCs all make ways to the table as precious exhibits. The hall was filled with camera flashes as the peaceful congression changed mood to a ‘mobbing’ scene as attendees wanted to get the best pose with their cams and the session became a press-conference like session! Around 9.45pm, exhibitors packed their stuff and headed down for a photography session organised by GOC via Unforgiven69’s tripod & camera. The photography session consists of a large group photo followed by ‘faction’ photo – Autobots & Decepticons and lastly, the GOC’s.

The GOC’s quickly made a quick visit up to see Mr.Jeffrey & Mr.Thomas – the owners of TJ Haus for a quick photoshoot before ‘abandoning’ the restaurant at 10pm. The gang dispersed with lots of handshakes, laughters, cheers, goodbyes & sweet memories of the day to bring home. GOC’s and some regulars headed to Asiacafe SS15 for a yumcha session and an informal ‘post mortem’ of the gathering.


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