1st Official Gathering

TransMY’s first official gathering is to be organised as the very first official gathering after a year in existance. This is an official invitation for all to come and join the gathering that will be held on the 11th Sept 04, in Midvalley Megamall, KL at 5pm.


  1. Jeff (aka Skytq) = 012-2625692 (liaison/comms),
  2. Randy (aka Raydenex) = 016-3333066 (logistics suppt – transport)
  3. Mike (aka Monksterism) = 016-3660441 (general enq)
  4. Shashi (aka Prime) = (liaison/comms)
  5. Wei Loon (aka Unforgiven69) = 012-6751686 (logistics suppt – design)


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  1. Mike Wong (Monkticon)
  2. Shashi (Prime)
  3. Jeff (SkyTq)
  4. Randy (RaydenX)
  5. Andy (Autobot)
  6. Azrul (Supa_Convoy)
  7. Nurrul (Nurrul)
  8. Raymond (Neo98)
  9. Ezani (eZan1)
  10. Vincent (Vclw)
  11. Wan (Wancinx)
  12. Wai Kit (Peeky Supreme)
  13. Irwan (Kooks)
  14. Saiful (Takato)
  15. Paul David (Gowron)
  16. Wei Loon (Unforgiven 69)
  17. Azrul (Sankai)
  18. Jonathan (Jonautobot)
  19. Khairul (Ka_ae)
  20. Tengku Nash (Gigantor)
  21. Rezall (Sparty)
  22. Jolene Teo (Randy’s Prtner)
  23. Tina (Shashi’s Partner)
  24. Nurul (Takato’s Partner)
  25. Sue (Kooks’s Wife)
  26. Jenny (Gowron’s Fiance)
  27. Michelle (Gigantor’s Wife)

Gathering Minutes

Date : 11th September 2004
Venue : Little Penang Cafe, Mid Valley Megamall, KL
Time: 1700 hours

1530 : Randy, Jeff, Wei Loon and Jolene’s arrival at Mid Valley

1600 : Nurrul, Azrul and Raymond’s arrival. Hangout at Bryan Ryan’s toy shop for some toy shopping.

1700 : Most of the attendees waited in front of Little Penang Cafe for the others to arrive.

1715 : Mike, Shashi and Tina reached. Mike getting the attendees to register their names and giving out name tags.

1730 : Proceed into Little Penang Café, having first unofficial Ice Breaking, chit-chat among members while waiting others.

1800 : Mike giving out his opening speech. Speech contents:

  1. TransMY history
  2. The Wong Bros, the passion on Transformers
  3. TransMY yesterday and tomorrow

1820 : Official Ice Breaking among members of TransMY.

1835 : Photo shoot-outs session (Part 1)

1850 : TransMY agendas discussions – Agendas (Part 1)

  1. Site Issues – a) The changes in forum interface and new concept. b) New rules and regulation for new members, eg: detailed infos and valid phone numbers and email addy. c) More informative site instead of only having forums eg: like tformers.com or tfw2005.com d) Bigger web space, suggested members sponsors about RM20 per person for a year.
  2. Membership Cards – a) Designs and concept by TransMY members, designs will be posted in forum and using polling system to vote for best design. b) Printed on card, eg: Name, Nickname, Member since, Serial num. c) Credit card quality type of plastic for long lasting. d) Costing about RM3 per card, suggested price for members RM8. e) Affiliates from other toy stores, eg: UT & TQ.
  3. Logo – a) New design required for the word TransMY, current one is not applicable due to Copyright issues by Hasbro on using the word “Transformers”. b) Open design for members to submit their logos, designs will be voted for the best one will be the official TransMY logo. c) For a recognizable identity and image. d) To be used on T-shirts and Membership cards as well.
  4. T-Shirts – a) Design by Wei Loon and Jeff, designs will be voted on site to be choosen. b) Suggested that the word TransMY.com at the back. c) Front side is main design image. d) Side sleeves with Autobot and Decepticon insignia. e) Additional embossed nick names for every member. (Add-On, not included with T-shirt prints). f) Costing about RM30-40 per t-shirt (Depends on sizes).

1935 : Dinner time and Photo Shoot-Out session (Part 2)

2010 : Lucky Draw (Part 1)

2020 : Continue TransMY agenda issues – agendas (Part 2)

  1. Promos/Publicity – a) Suggested to have other members to bring more members in. b) Friendster/Multiply invites to other TF fans. c) Affiliates stickers pasted on their shops. d) TransMY car stickers and bike stickers.
  2. TransMY on the road – a) Convoys on the road with TransMY banners. b) Suggested to have state to state convoys (when members network have reached few hundreds). Eg: Start point from KL to Ipoh (meeting up ipoh TransMY members), then from Ipoh to Penang (Ipoh members joins up with KL members to Penang and so on and on…)
  3. Funding – a) Suggestions on having annual fees for members. Suggested from RM5-RM10 a year. (Free @transmy.com email or with cap/pouches) b) Merchandising under TransMY products, eg: Official T-Shirts, Caps, and Pouches.

2050 : Lucky Draw (Part 2) and closing speech.

2100 : Group photo session in front of Little Penang Café and giving out button badges as souvenir to attendees.

2115 : Dismiss.


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