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02/06/2010 0

Universal Dominator 2010 Unicron

By Administratus Prime

What seemed to be the realest Unicron toy homage of all time has been realised. Thanks to TakaraTomy with their updated official page in regards of their upcoming Toy Hobby Market exclusive Welcome to Transformers 2010 Unicron with the art for the packaging of the figure.

Dubbed as ‘The Universal Dominator’, Unicron will be released in late September with pre-orders running from June 4 to July 4. The figure will cost 10,500 Yen (~$177 USD).

This Unicron will be the most G1-accurate toy of all time. This item is definitely a must get even though you have already hauled up Armada and Energon versions!

20/05/2010 0

Takara-Tomy TF 2010 Unicron Out

By Administratus Prime

Via 2Chan, we have our very first picture of Takara-Tomy’s Transformers Celebration 2010 Unicron! This special release, a part of the Takara-Tomy Transformers 2010 Celebration series, is a remolded version of the Transformers Armada Unicron toy with a paint scheme based very strongly on his appearance in the 1986 Animated movie, and a new head to better resemble Unicron’s on screen appearance.

He will be released in September this year as the third entry into the 2010 Celebration along with Masterpiece Convoy Sleep Mode and a crystal Animated Optimus Prime / Rodimus two pack.

This Takara Tomy version of Unicron, with a more Generation 1 cartoon movie accurate color scheme. This new repaint version of Armada Unicron also comes with a new head sculpt. Unicron is part of the Takara Tomy’s campaign to commemorate Transformers Generation 1 “The Movie”.

The toy is open for pre-order from June 2010 and expected to be released at the end of September 2010. This version of Unicron is exclusive to Japan Toy Hobby Market.