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12/05/2010 0

Bumblebee New Body Kit

By Administratus Prime

Everyone’s favorite Chevy Camaro Autobot Bumblebee was caught chilling with Megan Fox on the set of Transformers 3 sporting a giant carbon fiber spoiler and other new parts. We’re guessing they thought Fox didn’t need any aesthetic upgrades.

The second installment of the Transformers series made enough money to encourage another bout of robotic action porn and they’ve used the extra change to give Bumblebee the works according to these spy photos from Megan-Fox.net.

Changes include the aforementioned rear spoiler, smoke-colored wheels, redesigned front splitter and fog lights, carbon fiber roof splitter, repositioned stripes, and mirrors inspired by the Stringray concept (Sideswipe). The only part we’re not super on board with is the shark fin antenna. Does Bumblebee really need to get satellite radio?


15/04/2010 0

New Voice Actors For WfC

By Administratus Prime

The Internet Movie Database has revealed some possible voice actors for the Transformers: War for Cybertron video game, set for release June 22, 2010. The list includes John C. McGinley (Scrubs) as Thundercracker, Jeff Bennett (Prowl in Transformer: Animated) as Soundwave, Crispin Freeman as Skywarp (listed as rumored), and Travis Willingham as Ratchet.

As a caveat, all of these names, despite all but one being stated as fact, have not been officially confirmed. Also, the IMDB is not always known to be the most credible of sources, so take it with a grain of salt.

Confirmed voice actors so far include Peter Cullen and Johnny Yong Bosch as Bumblebee.


22/03/2010 0

New ROTF Legends, Fish Ravage?

By Administratus Prime

The-Arker has posted a batch of new images showing us repaints that will be coming to us for the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen legends class. The new shots give us looks Fireburst Optimus Prime, Cyberfire Bumblebee, Red Rampage and a new Ravage figure that has an a fish type alternate mode.

Galleries here

Source: TFW2005

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New Packaging For Prime & S.Scream

By Administratus Prime

Thanks again to The Arker who has posted some new Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen images showing us new packaging for the leader class series action figures that will flying under the general “Transformers” branding. The images give us new looks leader class Optimus Prime as well as the much anticipated Starscream.

The new Leaders Optimus Prime has been updated replacing his sword weapons the new battle hooks. He had the un-masked head similar to Buster Prime.

He also has some addition battle damage paint applications to commemorate the forest fight scene.

If you have not been keeping up, the leader Starscream is an all new mold. Hasbro has gone all out on this figure.

Finally, the fans will get a truly awesome Starscream sans many of the design gaffs that fowled (pun intended) it up before.

Source: Tformers

22/03/2010 0

Hubcap & Brimstone, New Scouts

By Administratus Prime

Ebay seller tfctoy who has posted some new images of the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen action figures. The two auctions give us looks at the scout class Hubcap and scout class Brimstone figures that were first debuted at Toy Fair 2010.

Brimstone is a blue bike looks like Pre Earth Manterror and Lugnutz of Cybertron. Hubcap’s alt mode is an old Ford T-Model classic car.

09/03/2010 0

Bay Promises ‘New Characters,’ ‘Twists’

By Administratus Prime

Make no mistake, “Transformers 3” is coming. It might not have been the best film of 2009, but “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” was a HUGE box office success and moviegoers are always game to see what director Michael Bay will blow up next and how big the explosion is.

Bay appeared on Starz’ “In the House” last night and he spent a little time talking about the next installment of Paramount’s toy-cartoon-comic book (and now movie) franchise. There had been rumblings around the industry that the filmmaker had plans to direct something before the next “Transformers,” and he addressed that first.

“The true story is we went to Vegas to celebrate [‘Revenge of the Fallen’] crossing the $400 million mark domestic. I said I’m excited to do my small little movie. They said, well we’re here to talk about that. I’ve become friends with these guys that run Paramount and they [told me,] ‘We’re going to get fired if we don’t have a 2011 franchise,’ so I’m like you can’t let these guys down.”

“The economy’s been so rough, it’s kind of important. When you say yes to movie like this you automatically give 3000 people jobs. 1000 for the toys. 2000 for the filmmaking. I’m going to put [the small film] on hold and do it right after [‘Transformers 3’].”

So for now, Bay is focused on bringing us more of that Autobots vs. Decepticons conflict. When giant robots fight, Earth is the only guaranteed loser. But we audiences get to see tons of s–t explode, so it’s cool. Bay’s plans to keep things fresh include one simple idea: more.

“You can’t just rehash the old,” he explained. “We’re adding a lot of new elements. We’re adding new characters. We’re adding a lot of twists.” Characters? Twists? “Transformers” fans– let your speculation begin!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a chat about an upcoming effects-heavy blockbuster without some discussion of 3-D. Anyone who doesn’t think “Avatar” changed the game needs to pay more attention: everyone’s been talking about it, considering it, putting plans into action, Bay included.

“It’s a process we’re testing with some ‘Transformers’ scenes,” he said. “How successful it is with my movie in terms of a lot of real stuff coming out of the frame, real dirt, real complicated little particles coming towards the lens, because hopefully that process will work. I’ve seen some tests that look great on other movies. I just want to see how it looks on my footage.”

Source: MTV Blog

10/02/2010 0

New Cartoon: Transformers Prime?

By Administratus Prime

Debuting later this fall Hasbro in conjunction with Discovery Communications Inc will release a new Transformers cartoon on a new TV channel currently called Discovery Kids called Transformers: Prime.

Jeffrey Combs will be the voice of Ratchet, a very well known character in the Transformers world. There are 26 episodes scheduled for the first season. Exact details of the show are currently unavailable but will be posted here as soon as they are made available.

Jeffrey is quite thrilled with the opportunity to be cast in the role of Ratchet. He’s not able to talk too much about the show this early in the production but did have this quote: “What I can say is that it is an honor and a privilege to be a part of such a prestigious project.”

Jeffrey Combs is known mostly for his role in acting in the horror film genre as well as playing several alien characters in the popular Star Trek franchise. In the world of cartoons, Combs has lent his voice to Scaregrow in Batman: The Animated Series and several others. Wikipedia even notes that Combs will be playing Ratchet in Transformers: Prime.

The cartoon has been rumored for a while now so really this posts seems to confirm two things, one the title and two the casting of Combs as the voice of Ratchet. For those that don’t know, Jeffrey Combs is the man if a fan of 80s horror films, sci-fi TV and just goofy characters. He played the Dr. West in the Re-Animator films, multiple alien characters for the Star Trek television shows (Weyoun on DS9, Shran for Enterprise, and more), voiced the Scarecrow for Batman: The Animated Series, The Question for Justice League Unlimited, Dr. Burkhoff on The 4400 and much more. This is one of the few bits of TF related casting news over the years that has a real geek grin on my face.

Source: Seibertron