Transformers Dominate X’mas TV

Transformers Dominate X’mas TV

04/01/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

Transformers still topped the charts during the Xmas holiday season though the movie has probably been re-runned uncountable times now. ABC easily won Christmas night with a repeat of the movie Transformers lapping the field of mostly other repeat competition.

48 Hours Mystery on CBS was the night’s only original program. We haven’t seen full numbers for the late afternoon Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers contest.

The NFL Network’s Cowboys/Cardinals game aired locally on the CW affiliate in Dallas and the MyNet affiliate in Phoenix, so none of the primetime ratings below are subject to adjustment because of any local football pre-emptions.


Broadcast primetime ratings for Saturday, December 25, 2010:

Source: ABC/Zap2It