Crazy Japanese Transformer Costumes

Crazy Japanese Transformer Costumes

22/01/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

These guys, dressed like a ganky-ass version of Transformers, prove that Japanese television continues to be better than anything we could broadcast over here, and that includes every Real Housewife (sorry, NeNe).

Their act, for the Kasou Taishou competition, didn’t garner them a passing score, but thank goodness the video made it onto the internet.

Unfortunately, their act wasn’t complete enough for the Kasou Taishou competition, so they failed to get a passing score.


They started out strong, but the whole thing seemed to end way to quickly and didn’t have the kind of clever twists that judges tend to enjoy.

Where would the world’s people be without guys who dress themselves up like tiny cars and perform them on stupid talent competitions? Stuck watching Transformers 3, that’s where!

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