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Transformers April Fools

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In April 2009, Hasbro and the Discovery Channel announced a joint venture to create a new network. Transformers fandom, one of the oldest and most established fandoms on the internet, has been eagerly parsing rumors about a new series based on the iconic toys since then. We’re happy to bring our readers some exciting updates about the eagerly awaited TV series.

The project, now titled Transformers: The Explosion, picks up after the 2009 movie, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. In the first movie, Sam Witwicky destroys the Allspark by shoving it into Megatron’s chest. (This wasn’t very healthy for Megatron, either.) The Allspark is the Transformer’s mystical connection with a higher power and has the ability to bright ordinary human gadgets, and giant alien robots, to life. In the second movie, Megatron was brought back to life using an Allspark shard, and much mayhem, not necessarily logical in nature, accompanied this.

Hasbro’s new series occurs chronologically one year after the end of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The series will be live action, with Miley Cyrus starring as the heroine Susan Mary Witwicky, Sam’s plucky, athletic, genius thirteen year old cousin.

Aside from being deeply loved by every single other character, she’s also a black belt in karate, has a tragic past, and has — of course — an astonishing singing voice that brings tears to all who hear it, and can end battles with a literal high note. The stories will center around her adventures as she seeks out and destroys “Deceptiterrans” — monstrous Transformers made of human technology that were mutated into horrific forms by residual Allspark energy.

A network spokesman, Guy Weiss, explained, “We did considerable market research, and determined that Transformers fandom has a huge percentage of females. Most of the shows and toys we’ve created in the past are marketed at boys, so this show is intended to appeal to the girl fans. It’s a little bit like Buffy, in that Susan Mary gets to fight a monster every episode. However, we’re also taking full advantage of Miley’s ranges of talents. Every episode will feature at least one song and dance routine. Optimus has a really lovely singing voice, as fans may have noticed on the Boom-de-yada commercial with our partner, the Discovery Channel.”

Because the show will be marketed to girls, Weiss also advised us that the color palate for the show will be changing from the traditional primary shades to more girl-friendly pastels. Our reviewer asked, “Does this mean you’ll be changing the colors of the characters?”

Weiss responded, “Yes, it does. Market testing indicates that girls respond well to softer colors. Optimus will be pink with baby blue trim, Ratchet will be white with pink and green markings, and Ironhide will be mauve.”

However, it turns out that the familiar robots from the first two movies will only appear as guest spots. Some lesser-known Autobots will be the stars of the show. Hasbro, apparently, wanted to expand the toy line and asked that the writers work with some “Generation One” Autobots that had not seen much air time in recent years. Therefore, Susan Mary’s robot counterpart will be the teenage girl robot, Elita One, who is every bit as plucky as Susan Mary herself is — and has a huge unrequited crush on Optimus. Weiss explained, “We think our target audience will identify with a girl-robot who is attracted to an unattainable male.”

Aside from Elita, the show will star the arrogant and hot-headed ‘jock’ type Tracks, the science geek Perceptor, the rock musician, Blaster, and the rest of his band, called the Cassettes. In a homage to the 80’s show that started it all, Blaster, the Cassettes, and Susan Mary will perform a rock song from the 1980’s in every episode.

Elita will be a pink Smart Car, Tracks a pale green Miata, and Perceptor a lavender mobile police crime lab, and Blaster will turn into an MP3 player jointly produced by iPod and Zune.

Our reviewer asked, “Is it really plausible for a giant alien robot to turn himself into a pocket sized MP3 player?”

Weiss explained, “The original Blaster was a giant alien robot who turned into a boom box in the 1980’s.

It’s now 2010, and everything’s gotten much smaller, so yes, we think it’s plausible. We hope to produce an actual MP3 player with features from both iPod and Zune that turns into a toy robot. His cassettes will be accessories for the player that also turn into toy robots. Also, Perceptor’s crime lab toy will contain toy magnifying glasses, notepads, etcetera, all in pretty colors that girls will like.

Our reviewer asked, “Is there anything else the fans should know about the new series?”

Weiss laughed. “Well, the biggest thing is that it won’t be as violent. Yes, the name is ‘Transformers: The Explosion,’ but that is something of an in joke. The series is aimed at girls, who just don’t want to see a lot of fighting and combat. Honestly, we don’t want to expose women and girls to that kind of violence! This show will have much more of a focus on the friendship between Susan Mary and our robot heroes — they all absolutely adore her and follow her with nearly blind devotion — and various romantic entanglements and interests that both the robots and Susan Mary develop. Elita’s got a huge crush on Optimus, but the other guys all have crushes on her, leading to regular outbreaks of jealousy and squabbling that Susan Mary needs to solve. Every episode, Susan Mary will kill a Deceptiterror monster — we have these really awesome Deceptiterror toys, by the way, that fall apart into a thousand little pieces when you strike them, just like they will do on the show — but that will be secondary to the main plot. Aside from the song and dance, we’ll also have a moral lesson with each episode, and the song and dance routine will pertain to that.”

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WFC Different Name in Wii

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Transformers: Cybertron Adventures will be the name of the Wii version of the upcoming Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 title, Transformers: War for Cybertron. The ESRB revealed a new Transformers game on Wii called Transformers: Cybertron Adventures, and Joystiq followed up with Activision, confirming that this new title is the Wii version of War for Cybertron, which is coming out on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Cybertron Adventures, rated Teen, will feature a mixture of first- and third-person gameplay, and will be purportedly toned down from the more mature tone of the HD versions. The developer is unknown, but last year’s Wii Transformers game was developed by Krome Studios.

On the other hand, the DS version of the game will retain the War for Cybertron subtitle, and, like previous DS Transformers games, come in two different versions: Autobots and Decepticons.

Vicarious Visions has been responsibile for the past few DS games in the series, so it wouldn’t be out of line to think that they are returning to the franchise again.

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Marvel Crossovers: Ironman, Symbiote

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Marvel Crossovers are in a slow phase but continue making waves. As for the latest, Ghenzhou of Kotoys has released an extensive gallery of the upcoming Marvel Crossovers Iron Man.

Compared to the previous release as a jetfighter and assault cycle, this time Iron Man returns into a sleek red sportscar.

The car is surprisingly larger (around 17cm) than any average deluxe-class Transformers produced now. This version of Iron Man will be released as a tie-in in conjunction of the latest Iron Man movie this fall along with his counterpart, War Machine.

This figure looks like a scaled up Legends class figure in function and lack of form with very crude articulation. See if this guy’s worth your $15.

Besides Iron Man, just in are more official images from Hasbro of the Marvel Crossovers Spider-Man Symbiote version with the black suit.

This toy also looks to be somewhat dumbed-down as far as articulation and poseability goes. Just like Iron Man, his alt mode is also a sleek black sportscar.

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Sound Blaster For Jap TFA After All

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There might be TFA Sound Blaster after all for Japanese Animated. Takara-Tomy released solicitations to for the TA-25 Sound Blaster that will offered in the Transformers Animated Japan series. They released an image showing a blacked out robot and alternate mode figure that is not recognizable as the deluxe class Soundwave mold.

As for BBTS, they had listed the item as “Sound Blaster” with the notice they are leaving the name as-is for now, but information along with the pic shown has came from another vendor that called the item “Autobot A”. The item listed at BBTS with a price of $15.99 out in Q2 2010.

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IDW Comics Debut On iPad

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IDW Publishing is proud to announce that the hugely anticipated Apple iPad will feature four IDW comics applications today at launch. Taking full advantage of the iPad

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Dodge Charger, TF3 Decepticon

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Director Michael Bayrecently revealed one of the new Autobots from Transformers 3 and now we could have images of a new Decepticon as well. The Realm Toys has a report from one of their “moles” who has images of the new Dodge Charger that is said to be a next generation Decepticon from the upcoming second sequel.

Here’s what the mole had to say below.

I was doing my normal rounds on the lot and came across the Transformers 3 work. The main Transformers cars are all there including 2 that I didn’t see in the previous movies. One is a autobot that I couldn’t get close enough to take a picture of because it was being guarded so that it would not be scratched/ damaged.

It was a red Ferrari. The other (which wasn’t being guarded as heavily) is a decepticon. It was a dark navy Dodge Charger. I managed to snap a couple of pics with my cell. Sorry for the poor quality.

In other Transformers 3 news, Production Weekly revealed on their Twitter feed that the film is doing some work in Indiana this month.

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Generations Drift Repaint As Blurr

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Parry Game Preserve has received their answers from the first round of the 2010 Hasbro Transformers Q&A. Of interest is the answer to their question regarding if there was a repaint of the upcoming Transformers Generations Drift planned.

Preserve: At Toy Fair this year, a Classics 3.0 Drift was shown. Has a redeco/retool been planned for this toy at this time? Hasbro: Yes, we have planned a redeco for this item. So to beat you to your next question, it will be Blurr. We have tooled up a new head and weapons for him and let us say, he looks awesome!

Preserve: What design considerations did the team discuss to bring the character Lockdown from the Transformers Animated world over to the Revenge of the Fallen line?

Hasbro: Basically, it started out as the designer of ROTF Lockdown liked the design execution of Animated Lockdown and translating this fan favorite into a realistically stylized vehicle. Incidentally, he was already working on the DLX version of Ratchet and needed a mortal enemy.

He took great care in keeping the iconic design elements from the animated figure (spikes, crazy face, signature vehicle

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TFA Rodimus & Ironhide Out Fall 2010

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Animated’s Back! Hasbro’s Q&A session with the folks over at TFW2005 reveal that the next wave of Animated Exclusives will be once again at store chain Toys’R’Us. Now what exactly will these figures be? There are a selection of yet to be released Animated figures, and Hasbro reveals that TRU Exclusive Wave 2 will contain Rodimus Minor and Ironhide! Rodimus Minor is a brand new figure, while Ironhide will likely be a repaint of Cybertron Mode Ratchet.

This is what Hasbro said;

Hasbro: The current plan for the release of the current Animated figures is this: Toys R’ Us will be carrying two waves of Animated Deluxe. The first wave will be released this Spring and will include Arcee and Cybertronian Ratchet.

The second wave will be released this fall and will include Rodimus Minor and Cybertronian Ironhide. While we cannot promise that any other figures will be released, we continue to examine all of our options to make those figures that were completed available to you.

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Shooting in Gary, Indiana April 13

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As “Transformers 3” is getting close to its start date, the film crew have contacted a city to be ready to welcome them for shooting. According to Post-Tribune, a member of the crew was expected to ask Gary’s Board of Public Works and Safety for permission on Wednesday, March 31 to film scenes in Gary, Indiana on April 13.

It was further informed that the principal photography will take place at property owned by Majestic Star Casino at Buffington Harbor. Ben Clement, who volunteers as the director of Gary’s office of Film and Television, claimed industrial property to the east of Majestic Star will be used for a scene which is supposed to be set in Russia. “It’s a very, very quick scene,” Clement dished on the said scene, adding that more footage could be shot in Gary in the future.

Clement said director Michael Bay himself visited Gary in December. “I’ve been working with these guys for a few months now,” he claimed. However, officials at Majestic Star have not made comment on the report and it has not been known whether the shooting in Gary, Indiana will occur during the evening hours or highly trafficked day-time hours.

Previously, Bay shared that this third “Transformers” film will feature action scenes set in Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Florida, Texas, Africa, Moscow and China. Some original actors such as Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox and Josh Duhamel are on board to reprise their respective roles in “Transformers 3”, which is scheduled for July 1, 2011 U.S. release.

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