Optimus Prime with Trailer (Voyager)

Optimus Prime with Trailer (Voyager)

28/07/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

This Takara edition is a retool of it’s Hasbro counterpart where this Japanese version does not come with heatshield and solar panels. His rocket booster parts and gas tanks are being replaced with standard ones.

He comes with a new MechTech weapon still retain it’s Ion Blaster but with a new design. It comes with a flip-out Energon Sword as well.

His trailer is pretty much a homage to his G1 counterpart where it can open up as well as being able to stand up to harken back to the Generation 1 Combat Deck’s upright mode. They come with a storage ala-wardrobe-like shelf for many MechTech weapons inside and out, and is able to transport up to two Deluxe class Autobots in alternate mode.


Being a Takara-Tomy release, this set comes packed with a character card and an accompanying transparent plastic card of his MechTech weapon for the MechTech Wars online game.