Crankcase (Deluxe)

Crankcase (Deluxe)

08/07/2011 0 By Administratus Prime

Crankcase transforms into a modified Chevrolet Suburban. As part of the MechTech series, he has a Blaster weapon that features a nasty grabby-claw action feature. He also has a pair of huge pincers above his robot-mode head that can also be flipped forward whilst in vehicle mode.

His dreadlocks are supposed to be able to swivel, with the intent that they be swung behind his head to fit under his hood for vehicle mode, but in practise, this proved an either impossible or inadvisable prospect: on most, the gold paint applied has made them too thick to be rotated, running the risk of tearing the soft plastic. And even if you do get a Crankcase that doesn’t have this problem, the tiny translucent plastic hinges to which the dreadlocks are connected won’t last long.

This means that they end up stuffed inside his chest in vehicle mode (this is how the toy comes packaged), competing with everything else for space and putting the car under enough tension that it feels like it’s about to spring apart.