TransMY in MHI

TransMY in MHI

28/06/2007 0 By Administratus Prime

Prior to the Transformers premiere today in Malaysia, all the media was ‘pimping’ Transformers like mad, and all of them are in the mad rush to grab any transfan as much as they can to run interviews and talks.

TransMY came into the limelight immediately also due to the success of Robotcon that was held recently in Cineleisure and since TransMYians was ‘booked’ for interviews from TV and mag, to radio and papers.

The biggest ‘pimping’ has to be MHI (Malaysia Hari Ini) TV3!! Being one of the biggest and major talkshow nationwide, MHI is a big boost to TransMY’s rep.



TransMY reps – Mike ‘Monkticon’ Wong & Ahady ‘Kosmonaut’ Rezan

Thanks to TV3 and members involved in the interview!!

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Source: MC/Anis