Queensbay ROTF: Volunteers Needed

Queensbay ROTF: Volunteers Needed

10/04/2009 0 By Administratus Prime

Queensbay Mall (Bayan Lepas, Penang) will organise an event in conjunction of the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen movie release in June 2009.

The event will be filled with Transformers informational programmes planned by the organisers.

TransMY was invited to assist in providing materials for exhibition. The exhibits will be our member’s very own Transformers action figures. The location for the exhibition will be in the 1st floor above the main atrium in Queensbay.


The arrangement will be in a semi-circle display spread.

A total of 7 glass cases has been allotted and will be sourced by the Queensbay staffs for toy displays. The height of the glass display will be on a stand and can fit in approximately 2 Supreme class toys ( +/- 1.5 ft).

Aditional cases will be provided based on our contributor’s need.

Two thematic displayed will be done by Queensbay upon TransMy’s advice. It will be a diorama of Autobots battling the Decepticons. The toyline that will be used in the diorama is to be confirmed soon.

The diorama will be cordoned off to prevent theft and visitors from touching them. We were informed that two toy shops have been given the offer to participate and supply more toys.

There will be game booths and a makeshift PS2 booth letting patrons to play the TFTM game. All booths will be ROTF themed.

1st Floor Queensbay Mall

1st Floor Queensbay Mall

TransMYians will be given dog tags to identify themselves as exhibitors. All toys will be stored in storeroom under lock and key, and there will be security all around during the period of exhibition.

TransMYians are allowed to stay late until 1am prior to the exhibition day for prepping. The event will be a 3-day event from Friday to Sunday in the month of June. (date TBA)

So far there were 3 contributors amounting to 500 toys confirmed to assist.

TransMY therefore need:

  1. MORE volunteers especially those who live in PENANG (for the ease of transportation). Members down south/elsewhere are welcomed too as long they can arrange their own transport and accommodation in Penang.
  2. Volunteers MUST be willing to contribute their Transformers figures as part of Queensbay Mall’s ROTF event exhibits. Non-contributing members can assist throughout the event as exhibit helpers.
  3. Volunteers who signed up must be able to attend all times (preferably) during the 3-day event.
  4. This is VOLUNTEERING basis as TransMY doesn’t receive any payments/wage for work done. Incentives depends on the organisers discretion. (no guarantees if there’s any).

Remember, you volunteering and assistance in this event is all because of the passion of the Transformers FANDOM!

Anyone interested to volunteer as exhibitors or helpers please put your names in this thread OR please contact @ TCracker 012-4937620.

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