Forum Migration

Forum Migration

09/09/2007 0 By Administratus Prime

After few weeks of scouring for new style bulletin boards in Joomla offering sites, I have come to a decision where Joomlaboard needs to be replace. It is not because it has not been updated, but also due to the fact that it’s porgrammers have already abandon the project and merged with Joomla’s Best to produce Fireboard.

Fireboard is the best of both flavours as it still retains Joomlaboard’s styling with more vibrant and customisable interface and backend. It strucked me instantly and since I am still hooked up with Joomlaboard’s styling,

I am not deciding to abandon them altogether but instead, I migrated them. Fireboard is much stabler and it is in the good hands of it’s programming team under Joomla’s Best and I bet I have a reliable BB now that will be taken care of concerned programmers to take care of TranMY’s foruming needs.

Fireboard was in fact a result of a merger between TSMF (Joomlaboard) and Best of Joomla offering much feature-rich and customisable interface.


Joomlaboard will be remembered as part of TransMY’s legacy and past. We hope that members will be pleased with what FB has to offer and we look forward for new fresh facelift in other areas of the site in weeks to come.

Enjoy foruming!