Calling TransMYians: Please Contribute For MITF

Calling TransMYians: Please Contribute For MITF

19/07/2010 0 By Administratus Prime

TransMY team for Malaysian International Toy Fair (MITF) 2010 has meetup yesterday in Amcorp Mall to discuss about task delegation. Some members attended the yumcha and scribbled notes about what to bring and what to do.

Here are the summary of who is doing what:

Wan_De_Real will contribute all his superb customs and kitbashes that many has anticipated to wait and to finally see them! TCracker though not going to be there because of work commitments will pass on his custom to display alongside Wan’s custom booth.


Monkticon will contribute a plethora of mixed TF’s, toylines from the Movie (ROTF & TFTM), some Beast Wars figures and Alternity and possibly random lines from here and there.

Prime85 will contribute his prized Transformrs Classics and Henkei figures as well as the MP-4.

G-go will contribute giant sized supreme class TF’s such as Energon Omega Supreme, Cybertron King Starscream, Galaxy Force Primus, Energon and Armada Unicorn. His Beast Wars figures will join Monkticon’s. Other than that he is going to present his Titanium Series, Masterpiece Series including Ghost Starscream with some mixed Energon and Armada series.

Kosmonaut will contribute his prized Brave Max with God Master Sword, some WST Dinobots and black variants included, variants of Lio Convoy and Big Convoys with some G1’s.  Along those, Henkei Ghost Starscream that will complement nicely with G-go’s MP Ghost Starscream – MP08-X! The forgotten Robot Master figures including it’s exclusives will complete Hady’s contributions.


Sparty will contribute the following G1’s such as G1 Sixshot, G1 Stunticon Menasor (5 figures), G1 God Ginrai, G1 Black Ginrai (Nucleon Quest) and Encore SkyLynx. (KIV: Encore Omega Supreme).

Other than that, some exclusive RIDs such as Car Robot 3 Brothers (Clear Version), Car Robot JRX, Car Robot Gigatron (White) and Car Robot Ruination (Combaticons Recolored) will complement the rest of the existing exhibits.

A note to members:

The team seriously in dire need of G1 figures such as combiners, and bases (Scorponok, Trypticon, Overlord etc). Other missing figures are from TF Animated, RID, Alternators, Galaxy Force, Energon, Armada, Alternity and not to mention the third parties like Fansproject products.

This is a high profile event that will be attended by media. You can help by being:

  1. Helper and assistant to the booth
  2. Contributor of the exhibits. Feel free to contribute anything you feel is cool, rare and exclusive.

To those who are interested to contribute/help please contact:

Hady (Kosmonaut) @ 012-9075901
Wan (Wan De Real) @ 012-2331291

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Thank you.