3rd Official Gathering & Robotcon 2007

3rd Official Gathering & Robotcon 2007

31/05/2007 0 By Administratus Prime

Here are the details of TransMY’s 3rd Official Gathering & Robotcon 2007. Please take note on the details below for further updates and changes whenever it occurs.

Event: Transformers Robotcon 2007
Venue: Cineleisure, Damansara
Date: 22nd – 24th June 2007

  1. Transformers Movie Showcase (UIP’s stuff)
  2. Transformers: The Generation Exhibition (1984 – 2007 lineup compiled by TransMY)
  3. Transformers Collectible Auction
  4. New Movie Toy Preview & Sales
  5. Transfans Malaysia (TransMY) 3rd Official Gathering!  

The event was jointly organised by Mun Sang Media and MyEvent, with TransMY’s GOC (Gathering Organising Committee/Moderators) assistance throughout the event. So if you are fond and proud of being a TransMYian, this is the time! Come and join us to show your support in making this convention and gathering a success.


Enough of Robotcon, and here is details about TransMY’s 3rd Official Gathering;

Event: TransMY 3rd Official Gathering
Venue: Cineleisure, Damansara
Date: 23th June 2007 (2nd day of Robotcon itself)
Time: 11.00am – 7.00pm
Fee: RM80.00

Porgramme itinerary (still subject to change);

1100 hours: Registration and goodie bags giveaway
1200 hours: Introductory by founders and sponsors.
1230 hours: Ice breaking sessions among collectors.
1300 hours: Recap on TransMY’s future plan.
1315 hours: Reviews on TransMY’s limelight in all Medias.
1330 hours: Multimedia previews on Transformers movie trailers, ads, & all tf related media.
1430 hours: Lunch break + Pop Quizzes
1500 hours: Transformers toys showcase and reviews among collectors
1530 hours: Games (Who can transforms the fastest)
1615 hours: Photo visual slideshows of collector’s collections.
1700 hours: Transformers figure auction session.
1800 hours: Lucky Draw and prize giveaways.
1900 hours: Closing speech + free and easy.

If you think this gathering is not worth your time and money, think again! The catch is, paid members will receive;

  1. 1 x TransMY Exclusive Goodie Giveaway (inclusive print out materials)
  2. 1 x TransMY Exclusive T-Shirt (comes in 2 designs – goodie & baddie, you get a random one. to get the second design you gotta pay extra)
  3. 1 x TransMY Exclusive Membership Card (lotsa discounts from this card usage!)
  4. 2 x Exclusive Transformers Movie Premiere on 27th June (TransMYian watch a day earlier than anyone else blek blek! *sticking tongue*)
  5. Food & beverage included
  6. Eligible to be qualified for the Grand Prize (TransMY Exclusive Leader Prime) and Lucky Draw giveaways worth RM1000.00.

As I am too happy to announce this, TransMY would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors who have given us the opportunity to expand up to this extent;

  1. Mr. James Loh (Toy Workers) – main sponsor
  2. Mr. Raymond Fang (General Manager, Mun Sang Media) – official media publisher
  3. Ms. Kara Lee (Marketing Director, UIP Malaysia)
  4. Mr. Patrick Wee (Managing Director, MyPartners Communications)
  5. Mr. Charlie (General Manager, Hasbro Malaysia)

Feel free to discuss this in the forums! And to all TransMYians who are also bloggers, please do TransMY a favor by pimping this event as much as you can in your blogs.

Till All Are One!