Merdeka Mini-Gathering

Merdeka Mini-Gathering

01/09/2004 0 By Administratus Prime

Another sucessful gathering with Skytq, Optimusprime and myself (Prime) arriving at Melur about 10:30, followed by SV_Sixshot, Raydenex, Monksterism and lastly our latest member, Silent_Bob.

We had talks on quite a number topics, ranging from the website to Thundercats and even anime this time around. We also had a chat on getting more members, the memberships cards, TransMY on the road, the major gathering, the future of the site, getting known and so on, trust me, the list goes on and on.

We were very lucky to get some “guest attendance” in the form of the Thundercats, Fort Max, Star Saber, and the rest of Mike’s collection. The talks moved from Seri Melur to Mike place at bout 3:30am and we stayed on till 4:45am at which time we ended the gathering. In all – it was a great gathering and I hope the major gathering sees more members come out!!


P/s: Seri Melur Crew is Prime, Skytq, SV_Sixshot, Optimusprime, Silent_Bob, Raydenex & Monksterism