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Toy Talk

Toy Talk
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G1/G2/Machine Wars

All stuff related to Generation 1, Generation 2 & Machine Wars please post here. That includes Japanese, European & mainstream American lines.

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G1 Encore #23 Fortre...



First introduced in comic series, but after some bold measures taken, Hasbro selected Marvel Superheroes and Star Wars as their lab rat for the Transformers Crossovers toy launch.

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Unicron Trilogy

Coined by Aaron Archer, the "Unicron Trilogy" (aka AEC) is a designation for the continuity family consisting of Armada (Micron Legends), Energon (Super Link) & Cybertron (Galaxy Force) toy lines.

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Power Core Combiners

Power Core Combiners is a brand new franchise that uses combining as the major gimmick. The toy line consists of two major size classes: 2 Packs (Commanders with Mini-Cons) and 5 Packs (Commanders with four drones each).

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Power Core Combiners...

Miscellaneous & 3rd Party

TF is too vast that many other smaller toylines co-exist along the mainstream toylines, and therefore this section is dedicated to those significant others.

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TFC - ARES Teaser -L...


Transformers are back arriving on Earth of the future, where robots are common place as humanity's servant class. But Earth's robots have a secret that may doom humanity and their unlikely Autobot saviors. Does that sound too I-Robot to me??

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Unreleased TFA Activ...

Live Action Movie

Dubbed as the infamous 'Bayformers', this new aggressively daring toy experiment delivers a new breed of plastic robot toys which is very alien like compared to it's G1 cousins. Loved by many and hated by some, this toyline does add to the variety of the Transformers multiverse.

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Transformers Age of ...


A toyline of partially die-cast toys produced by Hasbro's Galoob branch. Originally consisting entirely of Star Wars it has since expanded into Transformers that comes two size classes - 3 inch (7.6cm) non-transformable & 6-inch (15cm) transformable.

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My 6-inch Titanium C...

Convention Exclusives

Discuss about all convention exclusives, mainly OTFCC & BotCon and all other related TF conventions here such as Japanese Wonderfest, Mail Aways, Magazine Exclusives etc.

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Botcon 2013 Obsidian...


Though we are strictly TF, but we cannot restrict you from talking other big brand names such as Star Wars, Kamen Rider, MOTU, Thundercats, Zoids, GI Joe & others.

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Non-TF Hauls!!!


Discuss about the most realistic transformers ever made in Cybertronian legacy, the Alternators & Binaltechs.

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Latest ALT, BT & MP ...

Universe/Robot Masters

Discuss about Universe & Robot Masters, a new line from Takara equivalent to Hasbro's Universe line.

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Classics Complete Li...

RID/Car Robots

Post beast era's - RID & CR postings here. The only installment that resembles closely to G1 era. This is a cartoon based-toyline with 2 prominent US & Japanese flavours.

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Is This Brave Maximu...

Beast Era

All beast era discussion can be posted there. That includes Beast Wars, Beast Wars II, Beast Wars Neo, Beast Wars Metals & Beast Machines.

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Transformers Prime B...


Transformers: Prime is an original computer-animated series by and on The Hub, Hasbro's new joint venture with Discovery Communications, in the U.S now have their own toy thread. Post any Prime related toy news here.

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Transformers Prime B...