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Nosecone could not remember what happened the last time he was conscious. His circuitry feels fragmented, his optics can only make out blurry images of bodies of bots lying on ground. He tries to regain his last visual and memory, but to no avail

Finally able to pull himself up from what seems like a rumble of metals and dirt, he somehow managed to gather fragments of  images; beast Decepticons, shooting plasma lasers in the air, shrill voices of terrified battling squads of Autobots. Nosecone shivers as he recalled the latter part of his memories. The question is, where are his comrades?


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ok, curious to see where this is going  😉

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The mobilization plan did not come as a surprise for the entire team. Everyone except Wheelie was anticipating such imminent move by Rodimus. News about the Nebulos invasion was just as nerve wrecking as it was exhilarating for a few pumped up Autobots. The only things they need to know is the severity of the whole matter.

"The situation warrants us to be ever willing to assist our allies in Nebulos" announced Rodimus. "As we speak, the Decepticons are already reaching the planet. It's not Nebulos alone that hits the spotlight. Sources revealed that the Decepticons are targetting different other few planets as well, with Velocitron being the latest target being terrorized in other parts of the universe, prior to Nebulos."

Rodimus nodded understandingly to Road Rocket, whose nonchalant gaze quickly turned into a serious one. Cloudraker and Fastlane seemingly looked at each other with dejected faces. "Believe me when I say, that we may best be prepared to lose what we dear most, to sacrifice good times in exchange for darker moments, and to give it all for the survival of the Autobots."

"You and I can only guess what the Decepticons' true intention is this time around; but truth to be told, they have the least priority for energon now, ever since their recent conquest on Planet Sandra. The newly discovered energon-filled mines there was supposedly a pleasant find to the invading Decepticons. Greed is not on Bludgeon's mind, that is for sure; but whatever it is, Ultra Magnus and I believe that the reason for the attack on Nebulos is about acquiring new technology"

"Due to this very fact, Ultra Magnus had decided to gather a small team to initiate initial investigation on the real situation, which included Jetfire, Skylynx and the Technobots. Latest report is that they have landed safely on Nebulos and are waiting for reinforcement..that will be us, of course. "

"So as to our part of the job, I need all of you to board the ship in the next 5 minutes. Manta Ray and Leadfoot, I need you to oversee the provisions as requested earlier. Hardhead, Chromedome, Brainstorm - you guys shall check and rectify on the coordinates for Nebulos. I would have saved you the hassle if we are boarding Skylynx".

Grimlock let out a chuckle "Me Grimlock think Skylynx works better as spaceship than yapping birdy"


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Road Rocket was exceptionally quiet during the whole journey. A serious look on his face seemed to reflect his every expression. Something was clearly bugging his mind. Manta Ray was seen to be testing his rotating blades on and off for quite some time. Brainstorm, Chromedome and Volt were having quite a chat, though somewhat discretely, near the energon carts stuffed in the rear of the ship. The Dinobots meanwhile seemed to have occupied themselves with holographic video of a purported Autobot past wars, not minding anything that was going on in the ship.

"I never thought Kladar and the rest of the Nebulan have to face another hostility, after a few decades of peace." blurted Chromedome "Peace was all there is since Zarak left Nebulos. Damn those Decepticocks!"

Volt quipped after a few seconds "Well, I supposed the 'Decepticocks' are optimistic on yet another piece of technology on that planet. Sure, Brainstorm here had came up with the theoretical Headmaster technology back then, but it was Arcana's sheer circuitry and machine knowledge that propelled the whole thing forward."

Looking not entirely satisfied with remark, yet smiling sheepishly, Brainstorm retorted "I still think we have to thank the big guy first and foremost, before thanking the little guy. OF course, little guy's modesty is very much underrated"
Brainstorm then gave himself a pat on head, which followed by a hearty laugh from Chromedome and Volt.

Road Rocket was evidently listening to the whole conversation while pretending to be deep in thought. He then walked slowly to Rodimus, who was sitting across Leadfoot at the control panel. Almost like he sensed the approaching Road Rocket, Rodimus looked back "Yes, Road Rocket?"

Few seconds of silence ensued before Road Rocket finally asked "I understand the reason we are helping the Nebulon, but why didn't we take action on Velocitron? You know there are a handful of Autobot comrades there on the planet. You only radioed me to come back to Earth days after the invasion"

Rodimus turned his seat to face Road Rocket, with a somewhat grim expression written on his face "I'm sorry that you, or any other Autobot in fact, were not there to help. And since you were on another mission during that very period, I shall spare you the details" A long pause follows for what seemed like minutes. "We only got to the news as soon as the invasion ended. The Multiforce was immediately sent there for the rescue mission. If you think that I did not care about our former homeland, then you are wrong." He then stood and stared blankly at the console display.

"Our scouts did not manage to deliver the news on time. Two of them even succumbed to the attacks. Rapido and Gobots might not mind an untimely death had they known it earlier, but alas we had lost two courageous fighters. Apparently communications was totally blocked out by Soundwave." Rodimus' usual commanding tone then dropped to a pitiful one "Fellow native Autobots on Velocitron gave them all. We believe that some took cover in the remotes of the Big Speedway, however we are unable to ascertain how many had done so, or are alive"

"And old man Brakedown?" Road Rocket's expression was an intent one as he was asking.

"Old man Brakedown's status is not verified at the moment." came the short reply from Rodimus. "Pray that he and other Velocitronian had all survived."

Road Rocket then turned away from Rodimus and walked slowly towards the cabin. Though Rodimus could not figure out Road Rocket's facial expression from behind, he was sure that Road Rocket was far from delighted on hearing the last piece of information.

"Believe me when I say, Road Rocket, that I feel you. Brakedown was as dear to you, as was Kup to me" said Rodimus under his breath, while watching from afar Road Rocket giving a single punch to the wall.


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The hilly surroundings makes a perfect hideout, according to Skylynx. Complimented by the green & orange lushes of tall Nebulon trees, it further enhance the stealthiness of the team from unwanted intruder coming from the rocky area. "Let me further justify that this very spot is seemingly undetected from any prying eyes, and even from advanced wave sensors that might be propagated by Ratbat or such. Nebulos is blessed with anti-wave propagation minerals that flourished these very hills, and the trees are one of the most effective electromagnetic insulators in the universe" boasted Skylynx, with a matter-of-factly tone.

"If I didn't know you better, I would have thought you are of a Nebulon native yourself. How you managed to know that much about Nebulos is anyone's guess, really" said Ultra Magnus, while monitoring the rocky plains with intense magnification via his optics. "Anyway, I guess this will be the most suitable landing spot for the Decepticons. Remember, we are only here for surveillance. Any need on the offensive will be decided later, upon my command"

Afterburner seems uneasy "Now that's darn boring" he retorted. "I wish I get to call the shots"

Scattershot gave his acid pellet gun a few clicks, adjusting the ammo level on the gun "As you wish, Ultra Magnus. But I'd rather if you give us instant command to shoot, once a Decepticon in sight"

Ultra Magnus was about to answer, when a seemingly loud vibration shook the earth around them. All heads were shifted to the source of the noise: a gigantic yet all too familiar form of a spaceship, with dark grey and greenish outlook. Almost the instant it touched down, a large ramp opened up besides its belly. A self headcount by Nosecone revealed a total of 14 silhouettes seen leaving the ship, their identities almost unclear from the unsettling sands surrounding the area. The ship then slowly transformed into a huge dinosaur, without much surprise to the spying Autobots.

"I say" said Lightspeed in almost a whisper "it's either the electromagnetic spectrum here is playing with my optics, or Trypticon has morphed into a different creature. Dammit I can't tell"

Skylynx seems deep in thought, though somewhat perplexed, in one of its rare moments "Your judgement could not be too far wrong from mine, as I have to say that those physiques of his seems very organic-like. It is like beyond any cybernetic form of any creature Cybertronian I come to know"

The sands around the sinister figures quickly subsided into whiffs of air. The leader among them wore an evil smile, somewhat uncanny for a skeleton-like facial. "Today, my fellow Decepticons, we will easily end our search for the material that our comrades have longed for, and head back to Sandra. Nebulon will only serve as a complementary to our previous 'visit' to Animatron"

Four of the unidentified Decepticons seems weary, and sniffed out the air in a most peculiar way. Almost at once, all of them transformed - there stood a three-headed dragon, a winged lion, a blood-red fiery winged creature, and a massive four-legged serpent. The winged lion suddenly let out a loud roar, almost shaking the very atmosphere of Nebulos.

"And leave the retched fools to continue their wasted surveillance? I disagree, Bludgeon" said a stern looking Mindwipe. Nodding in unison are Weirdwolf, Snapdragon and Triggerhappy. Razorclaw and the rest of the Predacons were seen standing straight, uttering not a single word; which was almost drone-like.

Bludgeon snickered "Of course not. That is why they are going to give us the surprise party right here on Nebulos. Or should I say, it is we who are going to give them the surprise of their lives". In the most sinister manner, Bludgeon set his eyes on the forestry not far from his spot, and exclaimed "You are done with, Ultra Magnus. Know that in 10 seconds, my underlings will devour you like you have never seen or felt before"

Silence within the Autobot camp was evident, except for humming and clicking sounds of ammo. Scattershot was gritting his teeth. Nosecone shuddered.

"You got us, Bludgeon" said a terribly confused Ultra Magnus "But how.."

Bludgeon let out a shrill evil laugh "You will be answered as soon as death is dealt upon you accordingly. Prepare, Autobots. We shall make this swift" On Bludgeon's  final word, Weirdwolf quickly transformed into his alternate mode , and led the unidentified beast towards the Autobots.


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