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TransMY & Hong Leong Transformers Debit Card Roadshow

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Date: 4th (Wed) - 8th (Sun) December 2013
Time: 10am - 10pm
Venue: 1 Utama, Bandar Utama
Event Organizer: EP Group
Client: Hong Leong Bank

Description: TransMY was invited to assist in displaying our prized Transformers figures! All members are free to join as duty crew & contributor.

Toyline Needed:
1. Transformers Prime - Deluxe, Voyager & Leader classes.
2. Transformers CRUG (Classics, RTS, Universe, Generations) - Deluxe, Voyager, Leader & Titan classes
3. Transformers G1 - all/any class
4. Transformers Movie (DOTM) - Deluxe,Voyager & Leader classes.


Duty: Feel free to pick your duty shifts between 4th Dec - 8th Dec. Setting up will be on the 4th Dec 8.30am and dismantling will be on the 8th Dec at 10.00pm.
1. 10am - 2pm
2. 2pm - 6pm
3. 6pm - 10pm

1. Appreciation dinner to members who contributed and participated as a crew for at least ONE duty shift or more.
2 Hong Leong giveaways
3. Security for the toys.

What do you need to do?
1. Be an advocate - talk about TransMY, yourself and your hobby to the visitors!
2. Not guarding them like security guards, but do keep an eye on our displays.
3. Promote our group and increase our membership!
4. Have fun, get to know our group and the public who shared the same passion and interest as you!

How to join?
1. Register your interest below by completing the web form. - >>>>> <<<<<
2. We will confirm your registration and an online toy list will be forwarded to you to be completed.
3. Submit the form on or before Saturday 30th Nov 2013

1. By filling up the form you agree to join as a crew, & as a crew you are bound by duty shifts.
2. If you wish to come as a visitor, you don't have to fill up the webform
3. Only crew will get to enjoy the perks.

Questions? Ask Moderators:
Syed Al-Edros, Hafeez Hillmin, Christe Raja (PIC), Azran Hazim, Low Ghim Joo, Monkticon Mike, Rezall Roslan, Chin Wong.

The webform again:

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Nice!!! :p

Way to go TransMY!!!

Whose Side Are You On?

My TF Collections:'s-transformers-collection/

Posted : 28/11/2013 5:12 pm
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So its official now! Syabas TransMY! 😎 😎
Hope all participant enjoy the event, as well as visitors!

Some facts of my picisan collection:

Posted : 28/11/2013 5:51 pm
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mari mari support support

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