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flashout collections (mix up)

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Yo.. i was unable to find my previous post.. its being a while since I last update my collections. Busy with my new born baby.. and stuff.

DOn't mind if I open a new one ah..

ROTF Sideswipe (deluxe)
This unit its kinna over-rated. Actually I did not like The Movie or ROTF toyline at all. I found out the quality its crappy.. and ugly fig. (hope no offense to the fans out there 😛 )


I got 3 units of this.. one sold.. and two more in hand. Early plan to buy as investment.. right now see too much re-issue.. don't think it worth the value anymore. So, open one to see how it is. - the 13 channel

Topic starter Posted : 08/01/2010 4:48 am
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The robot mode.

I think one of the reason this unit were popular due to its "cool" character wen start to appear during the first part of ROTF. - the 13 channel

Topic starter Posted : 08/01/2010 6:43 am