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e2an1 wants to sell toys

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Hey all,
haven't logged into Transmy in ages.

Anyway, I wanna start letting go of a lot my stuff. Before I start posting my merchandise, I'd like to mintak kebenaran dulu.
So is it ok for me to sell stuff? I already introed myself many2 years ago..
i'm only gonna sell them within the next 10 days or so, cos I'll be leaving the country after that.
I'm also not working, so I'll probably be able to come directly to buyer, COD.
I also have no idea how to send toys by post. Besides, almost all the stuff I have are loose... 

i'm letting go of a few armada, energon and other non-tf stuff. there's a number of damaged G1 toys jugak.

Topic starter Posted : 24/05/2013 6:46 am
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I think should be no problem for you to sell here as your number of already more then 50. Plus you are old member.

Posted : 24/05/2013 11:30 pm
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Prices are negotiable. PM/email if interested. Or call/sms - 0122065085

TF Armada Starscream (Loose) - RM 120
TF Armada Sideways (Loose) - RM 60
TF Armada Smokescreen (Loose) - RM 60
TF Armada Blurr (Loose) - RM 60

TF Armada Rhinox (Loose) - RM 60
TF Armada Terrorsaur (Loose) - RM 60

TF Armada Minicon Street Speed Team (Loose) - RM 20

TF Armada Minicon Adventure Team (Loose) - RM 10

TF Energon Starscream (Loose, no missiles) - RM 70
TF Energon Jetfire (Loose, no missiles) - RM 100
TF Energon Mirage (Loose) - RM 110
TF Energon Powerlinx Optimus Prime - RM 80

TF Energon Battle Ravage (Loose) - RM70
TF Energon Divebomb (Loose) - RM70
TF Energon Cruellock (Loose) - RM70
TF Energon Insecticon (Loose) - RM70

Beastwars Transmetal Rattrap (Loose) - RM60
Beastwars Rhinox (Loose) - RM60
Beastwars Cheetor (Loose) - RM60
Beastwars Tarantulas (Loose) - RM60
Beastwars Waspinator (Loose) - RM60

TF Animated Starscream (BIB) - RM90

TF Animated Swindle (BIB) - RM 70

TF Universe Hot shot (BIB) - RM 60

TF Takara RotF Jolt (MOSC) - RM70

TF RiD Rail Racer (Loose) - RM 100

Beast Machines Cheetor (Loose) - RM 80

G1 Rippersnapper (Loose, Stickers dah buruk, heavily played) - RM 40

G1 Punch/Counterpunch (Loose, Stickers dah buruk, heavily played) - RM 80

Revoltech Macross Valkyrie VF-1S (BIB) - RM 130

Topic starter Posted : 26/05/2013 2:16 am
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am i supposed to bump when i update? haha i really have no idea how to bukak kedai...

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Posted : 18/06/2013 3:56 am
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UGPM!!  ;D

By acknowledging yourself a hardcore fan or "otai" by just the numbers of figures you have without any knowledge on the history of Transformers, sorry you're just a pretender. Nothing

Posted : 14/08/2013 6:37 pm
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UGPM bro!!

Posted : 14/08/2013 6:47 pm
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support2.. tapi takde yg i kolek ;D

kiien koleksi:

Posted : 20/08/2013 8:22 pm