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Welcome to the official forum for Transfans Malaysia (TransMY). We are a registered society under the Registrar of Societies (ROS) Malaysia.

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The new rules and regulation for TransMY. Please read and understand this section carefully before proceeding as your presence and behaviour here might be affected those rules.


Community Centric
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Make yourself known here by telling us bout your profile and the most interesting of all -your history of collecting and being part of this fandomism!

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Hi Gang


Talk about TransMY member outings & gatherings here. This area is exclusively for TransMYian and TransMY related activities. Events which is not related to the TransMYian community, will be shifted to Events.

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KL Transmyians Weekl...

Collections & Showcase

Brag about your collection, your list as well as all your latest hauls in the outlets.

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kaler256 - my mini c...


This section where you warm things up. Yap and brag here with no what ever reason before you go to the next serious TF topic. Feel free to shout!

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Setiap Hari Aku Send...


All publicity news and announcements in promoting and making TransMY known can be included here.

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TransMY in NTV7's Br...


Any events which is local or international but non-tf and non-TransMY, those can be placed here. Only post stuffs related to toy collecting, anime community, movie and multimedia in some way or another relates to Transformers fandom.

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101 TransMYian

101 stuffs related to TransMYians for TransMYians and only for TransMYians. Did you attend a fellow member's wedding, Kongsi Raya or Deeparaya recently? All these goes here.

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The Prime Alone-Alon...

Self-Intro (Retailers)

If you are a business (shop/company) owner please introduce yourself here. Soft-sell is allowed, hard-sell is not. Please read the Rules & Regulations!

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Crefigz in Subang


Fancy some club merchandise such as T-Shirt or toy exclusive? Get your information here. This section is new therefore stay tune from time to time as the list of merchandise will be updated from time to time. TransMY is continuously expanding!

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T-Shirt Design 2012

Toy Talk
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G1/G2/Machine Wars

All stuff related to Generation 1, Generation 2 & Machine Wars please post here. That includes Japanese, European & mainstream American lines.

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G1 Encore #23 Fortre...


First introduced in comic series, but after some bold measures taken, Hasbro selected Marvel Superheroes and Star Wars as their lab rat for the Transformers Crossovers toy launch.

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Unicron Trilogy

Coined by Aaron Archer, the "Unicron Trilogy" (aka AEC) is a designation for the continuity family consisting of Armada (Micron Legends), Energon (Super Link) & Cybertron (Galaxy Force) toy lines.

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Power Core Combiners

Power Core Combiners is a brand new franchise that uses combining as the major gimmick. The toy line consists of two major size classes: 2 Packs (Commanders with Mini-Cons) and 5 Packs (Commanders with four drones each).

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Power Core Combiners...

Miscellaneous & 3rd Party

TF is too vast that many other smaller toylines co-exist along the mainstream toylines, and therefore this section is dedicated to those significant others.

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TFC - ARES Teaser -L...


Transformers are back arriving on Earth of the future, where robots are common place as humanity's servant class. But Earth's robots have a secret that may doom humanity and their unlikely Autobot saviors. Does that sound too I-Robot to me??

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Unreleased TFA Activ...

Live Action Movie

Dubbed as the infamous 'Bayformers', this new aggressively daring toy experiment delivers a new breed of plastic robot toys which is very alien like compared to it's G1 cousins. Loved by many and hated by some, this toyline does add to the variety of the Transformers multiverse.

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Transformers Age of ...


A toyline of partially die-cast toys produced by Hasbro's Galoob branch. Originally consisting entirely of Star Wars it has since expanded into Transformers that comes two size classes - 3 inch (7.6cm) non-transformable & 6-inch (15cm) transformable.

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My 6-inch Titanium C...

Convention Exclusives

Discuss about all convention exclusives, mainly OTFCC & BotCon and all other related TF conventions here such as Japanese Wonderfest, Mail Aways, Magazine Exclusives etc.

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Botcon 2013 Obsidian...


Though we are strictly TF, but we cannot restrict you from talking other big brand names such as Star Wars, Kamen Rider, MOTU, Thundercats, Zoids, GI Joe & others.

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Non-TF Hauls!!!


Discuss about the most realistic transformers ever made in Cybertronian legacy, the Alternators & Binaltechs.

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Latest ALT, BT & MP ...

Universe/Robot Masters

Discuss about Universe & Robot Masters, a new line from Takara equivalent to Hasbro's Universe line.

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Classics Complete Li...

RID/Car Robots

Post beast era's - RID & CR postings here. The only installment that resembles closely to G1 era. This is a cartoon based-toyline with 2 prominent US & Japanese flavours.

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Is This Brave Maximu...

Beast Era

All beast era discussion can be posted there. That includes Beast Wars, Beast Wars II, Beast Wars Neo, Beast Wars Metals & Beast Machines.

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Transformers Prime B...


Transformers: Prime is an original computer-animated series by and on The Hub, Hasbro's new joint venture with Discovery Communications, in the U.S now have their own toy thread. Post any Prime related toy news here.

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Transformers Prime B...

Hauls & Marketplace
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Scouting & Sightings

Report your sightings of new Transformers releases in your local outlets. Witnessed a new opening of a new toy outlet in your area? You can spread that news here too. Visited overseas & found good stuff? Recommend and share here.

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KLCC Sightings

Wish Lists

This is the ammo room where you reload your 'bullets'. Outline what is your next wish list/target in your hunt to be the ultimate completiest!

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Ajidmech is Hunting....


Talk about your offers, good deals, lelongs and treat this section as your ultimate TF market place!

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MOVED: Kaler256 - Cl...


Any auction pics and details from Ebay, Yahoo & etc can be put here for references purposes or for auction purposes.

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Alternators Shockwav...


This is related to Biztalk where buyers who benefited/disbenefited from Biztalk can post their opinion, praises and criticism. Criticism must be a constructive one in nature.

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Zeck, the Wonder Sel...

Finding & Searching

Having trouble to find a specific item to complete your collection? Just ask & who knows the community can help out? Ask & ye' shall receive!

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Looking for some Gen...

Featured Shop

Shops who comply our new format Rules & regulations will be rewarded by placing them in an exclusive category and stickied to gain more attention & popularity!

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Sentinel Primus' Pwn...

Fun & Informative
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Share lobang about where engkorang dapat katun katun.

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Transformers Prime S...


Toy is nothing without good photography! Share your tips and knowledge of how to take good shots of your toys in various compositions. Its time that our toys deserve to be models!

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Photography Tips for...


Got any original compositions to share?? Please post them here for everyone to enjoy.

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30 Years of Transfor...


Submit your dioramas here. Guidelines in the sticky thread of this section. Generate your creativity here!

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bumblebee vs barrica...


Discuss new programs, softwares, add-ons, extensions & plugins that could help other members enjoy better surfing experience in their hunt to assit their collection & also to enhance better knowledge on TFs via the internet.

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Facebook Vs Google P...

Multimedia & Design

Responding to Malaysian Transfans who are majority design & multimedia people, I have decided to create Multimedia & Art Design Talk (MADT) so that members can share ideas about multimedia, art and design. Talk can be general but must be centered most on TF's.

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Stylin Online - New ...


This section is created to give opportunities to unemployed/fresh grad TransMYians to find job and to respond to job adverts advertised by fellow members. This is TransMY's first community service where members help other members in the spirit and solidarity of TransMY!

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Job Recruitment


This section is an informative section where fans post and read stuff related to the TF development and history. Only informative posts please.

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TF Conventions Aroun...


Talk about TF gaming here. Wasn't aware that gaming will be a much discussed topic in TransMY!

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Transformers Legends...


Kitbashing sample pics, discussion, tips and anything related to kitbashing here. Please put references for external resources.

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LEGO Powermaster Opt...


Got a good Transformers book or comic recently? Share them here. Strictly for publication and printed Transformers materials like books, magazines and comics.

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IDW Limited Transfor...


Any funny TF stuff goes here! Enjoy some cybertronian laughter made creatively from our resident members.

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Weekend laughter

Toy Review

Review about the latest hauls that you have acquired lately stating all strength, weakness and quality of the toy. Photos included will make the review much better!

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Transformers Generat...


Discuss about the latest Transformers cartoon and live-action movie with their technology, sightings and rumours surrounding the productions.

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Toy Care

Lets share some tips of how to care and maintain your Transformers action figures. It can be related to storage, security, grading, repair and maintenance.

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protect n clean your...

External Sites
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TransMY Official Website

Our official website featuring blog, news, galleries, contact details, events, archive and many more.

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TransMY Official Facebook Page

TransMY's official Facebook Page

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TransMY Official Twitter

TransMY's official Twitter account. Do follow us!

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Transformers Dark of The Moon (Malaysia) Facebook Page

De-fecto Transformers Dark of The Moon fan page for Malaysians.

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TransMY Official Facebook Group

An alternative to the forum for errant TransMYians who disliked the traditional forum or those who wish to participate in both mediums.

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Operated by the infamous Ah Soon & Terry Teh, 1-Toys is a Transformers fan heaven located in 3rd Floor, Amcorp Mall at the heart of Petaling Jaya. Their store is the unofficial hangout for most TransMYian from PJ area.

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Also a Transformers heaven for fans, this shop is operated by Terry Teh and his partners in this strategically located shop in the affluent area of Mid-Valley, Kuala Lumpur. They cater Transformers needs for KLites.

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Crefigz Collectibles

Shop manned by Andrew and Jensen, these two young entrepreneurs in toy biz will never fail to offer you good deals. A branch of their HQ in Penang, their forte is Transformers customs that earned the respect of worldwide customizing community.

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Robotica Toys

Operated by a young and ambitious entrepreneur William, his shop have been one of the thriving outlet in Subang Square, favored and sought after by Subang residents. Robotica cater Transformers, mecha and many others.

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Hasbro Cybertron Con Transformers Custom Competition 2011

This competition held in conjunction of Cybertron Con 2012 Singapore will rally up Malaysia's best Transformers customizers in this region to battle out with each other to claim the fame and win a place to showcase in Cybertron Con 2012. This Malaysian level competition will kick start 19th December till 18th February 2012. More details inside.

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HTCC Winners & R...

Social Media Competitions

All social media competitions and internet based competitions that TransMY has participated is listed here in this category.

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Vote for TransMY @ S...