1 Utama Transformers Dark Of The Moon Rollout – Setup Eve

07/06/2011 6 By Administratus Prime

Today is the D-Day for TransMY and this is our first ‘project’ for the month. We were invited as official exhibitors for the 1U Transformers Dark of The Moon Rollout event (yes, ‘rollout’ was coined by us). We plan to meet at Makbul TTDI, but the eaterie was already shut down, so we go to the opposite instead, Jasmeen, and hangout before heading to 1U.

All old timers and new generation of TransMY met and mingled. Edzuan took his first video interview with the us. Thanks mate. We had the realest 1Malaysia in our community seriously.

After chatting up and having a quick snack, we rollout to 1U just a stone throw away after contacting the event management we are rolling out to the loading bay.


We went in convoy of 13 cars.

When we get there we went and claim our passes and start working. At the beginning it was slow phase as the work contractors was scrambling to install, paint and clean the display cases.

The first case to get occupied is Azlin’s (Chromia) bumblebees. They were located at the rear of the Chevrolet Camaro car just like what we suggested before so to give the feel of the Camaro to the visitors and relate them to the evolution of Bumblebees throughout the years from 1984 to 2011!

Once the workmen is done with the displays, we scrambled to get our toys in. The only sad part is we brought in too many toys to fill in. Some less ‘nicer’ ones had to be decommissioned and sent home. Since the showcase came in quite late, we have no idea how to visualize the showcase hence the little setback.

The momentum soon picked up when completely checked in members, start arranging their stuff. and by 4am we get back our IDs, had some chat and scrambled home. A dozen of us was the last men standing. However thanks to all the members though working and can’t take leave, they manage to come and contributed and stayed for awhile even though they knew they wouldn’t enjoy enough sleep.

Thanks to those who contributed but are not with us, but with us in thoughts while handling daily commitments at home.

The team who attended today:
1. Admin Prime
2. Monkticon
3. Prime85
4. Gema
5. Sparty
6. Bad86
7. Hell Prime
9. Vic
10. Sy8nsk
11. Giamgiam
12. TFboy
13. Shatterstar
14. Blur
15. Muscular_Convoy
16. Eyeris
17. Kosmonaut
18. Suffian
19. G-Go
20. Wan de Real
21. Godzlarz
22. Wiszboys
23. Unforgiven69
24. Pejalkira
25. Gargoyle primus
26. Predaking

Those who i have forgotten, thanks!