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20/05/2010 0

War For Cybertron Story Trailer

By Administratus Prime

High Moon Studios is definitely keeping everyone in the loop with Transformers War For Cybertron, releasing another trailer to whet our taste buds. The latest trailer gives us a short introduction to the new story arc that the game will be based on.

The game will start before the G1 arc of Transformers began, which is widely considered to be when Transformers was at it’s best. It will begin in a form that we have not really seen before; Optimus Prime is just a regular Autobot soldier, Starscream isn’t a Decepticon, and Megatron is just trying to restore Cybertron to what he considers its ‘Golden Age’.

The most interesting teaser from the trailer is that we will finally have an explanation as to why Megatron keeps Starscream as his right hand man, instead of disposing of him after the many failed takeover attempts, similar to what was seen in G1.

Check the video out here


10/02/2010 0

War for Cybertron Shockwave Playable

By Administratus Prime

Symbiote Spiderman14 of Seibertron has revealed that the anticipated game Transformers:War for Cybertron is going to include everybody’s favourite emotionless Decepticon, old “one eye” Shockwave himself.

Shockwave will be only playable in online multiplayer mode and will be a GameStop pre-order exclusive. Just click here to visit GameStop’s pre-order page.

“Reserve Transformers: War for Cybertron and gain access to the GameStop Exclusive multiplayer character SHOCKWAVE. Serving as the Decepticon

03/02/2010 0

War For Cybertron Optimus & Megatron

By Administratus Prime

It’s the images we’ve all been waiting patiently for, War For Cybertron Optimus Prime and Megatron! Thanks to the folks at UGO, they’ve got the exclusive scoop on the two Transformer Leaders.

Both figures are Deluxe sized, and take the form of Cybertronian styled vehicles – Optimus is the truck we all know of but also acts as a tank. Megatron is a hovering tank!

Optimus is kind of War Within like with futuristic twist in his alternate mode. He had a sleek arm and body with folded tires on his back whilst retaining his honours with his blue and red color scheme.

Megatron on the other hand appears like a cross between Classics and Animated. Also retaining his color scheme – black and white, he appears savage with his tank alternate mode, a proper homage to his G2 and War Within modes.

Source: Seibertron

23/12/2009 0

War for Cybertron May Have Toyline?

By Administratus Prime

A couple months ago there was a rumor that a grey prototype that no one could recognize or could even guess at may be a new toyline addition for the Transformers Universe. There were guesses all over the map, from War Within Grimlock to TransTech Optimus Prime.

Thanks to the latest trailer for the recently discovered War For Cybertron game, we can now deduce that one of the said unknown prototypes may, in fact, be that of Optimus Prime.

As of posting, we can neither confirm nor deny the complete validity of this revelation, but the images don’t lie and it looks like the Transformers Universe may be getting new additions to the family.

Source: Seibertron

13/02/2009 0

ROTF Becoming Our War

By Administratus Prime

 Let's just be honest, almost any movie franchise has it's grubby little hand in the cookie jar of gaming enterprise. The hand is extremely grubby and the cookie jar is completely full, however, that franchise's hand usually has crap all over its hand and as soon as the franchise starts handing out cookies; everyone is gnawing on crap.

26/07/2008 0

Jablonsky Scoring ROTF & Gears of War 2

By Administratus Prime

 While I was gone for over a week (and I'm working on getting a report, some photos and video of the trip up soon) a number of people wrote in asking if I knew anything about whether or not Steve Jablonsky (left) would be returning to score the sequel to last summer's smash-hit movie Transformers.