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09/03/2010 0

Animated Updates in Takara-Tomy

By Administratus Prime

Takara Tomy has updated their webpage for the their version of Transformers Animated. The new information includes the respective toy pages with gimmicks as well as character biographies (All of which happen to be in Japanese).

They have opened a section for the toys, which covers the first eleven releases in the Japanese line – Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Prowl, Ironhide (Bulkhead), Ratchet, Cliffjumper, Megatron, Starscream, Blackarachnia, Lockdown and Dirge.

They have also opened a section covering the cartoon characters, although presently only pages for the five Autobots are available. The five Autobot’s pages include full tech specs, which were absent from their US releases.

10/02/2010 0

Japanese Animated Cast Updates

By Administratus Prime

Some interesting news has surfaced for the Japanese dub of Transformers Animated, courtesy of Livejournal user toriaki. First of all, we have news on the Japanese dub’s theme song, which will be sung by the one and only JAM Project! JAM Project is made up of several well-known vocalists including Masaaki Endoh and Hironobu Kageyama, the latter of whom has previously provided the opening, ending and insert songs to Japanese Transformers series The Headmasters and Beast Wars Metals.

On the side of voice actors, toriaki’s post also confirms who will be voicing Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Sari and Megatron in the Japanese dub of Transformers Animated. Optimus Prime will be voiced by Hiroki Takahashi, whose previous Transformers voice credits include Hellscream and Mantis in Beast Wars Second, plus Gildo and Build Hurricane in Car Robots (Japanese Robots in Disguise).

Mr Takahashi is also known for providing the Japanese voice of Street Fighter’s Ryu in Street Fighter IV and Tatsunako VS Capcom. Bumblebee meanwhile will be voiced by Daisuke Kishio, who previously voiced Kicker in Transformers Super Link (Japanese Transformers Energon), while Sari will be voiced by Satomi Akesaka. Saving the best for last, we have the legendary Norio Wakamoto playing Megatron.

Mr Wakamoto has previously provided the voice of Flame Convoy in Transformers Galaxy Force (Japanese Transformers Cybertron) and is recognizable as the voice of anime villains everywhere. His most notable credits include Cell in the Japanese dub of Dragonball Z, and providing the Japanese voice of Vega (M Bison) in many of Capcom’s Street Fighter titles.

Also mentioned in the livejournal posting is that the DVD / Blu Ray of Transformers Animated will be released in Japan starting in Fall 2010.

Source: TFW2005

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News and Updates from UK Toy Fair

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Thanks to NinjaCyborg over at transformertoys.co.uk who was in attendence at this years UK Toy Fair, we have some news and updates on what Hasbro was showing. Get a look at the report that includes some details about Leader Starscream, War For Cybertron, New Universe and more.

Transformers selection was clearly visible through the booth window so I don’t see why I shouldn’t report what I could see. Not like I signed an NDA or anything. A lot of the display was current releases – ROTF scouts, HA Bumblebee, Leader Prime.

On display, but not on general release yet, was: Leader Starscream, ROTF Bludgeon and more importantly from the new stuff was: WFC Optimus – looked bigger than deluxe, more like Voyager size WFC Bumblebee – awesome vehicle mode, and even more awesome, metallic gold paint/plastic Universe Seaspray – ultra sized I think, since it was bigger than ROTF Bludgeon that it was next to.

Looks just like a huge version of the original – Same blue and white and yellow for the turbines. Very nice. Some new G1 style legends – I think I saw a jeep, Outback maybe? or Swindle?, It was khaki coloured but the view from the booth window was too far to see the smaller toys Some kind of combiner – could have been power combiners, but looked to me more like it was built from Legends sized figures – and it was definitely not Devastator.

One of the legs looked like a jet or shuttle of some kind. Could be a Legends Bruticus set? Was very lanky and with wiry limbs, but humanoid in shape. ‘Leader’ ROTF Bumblebee or whatever it’s going to be called Also visible through the Hasbro window was some Marvel Universe stuff, but nothing new and no Iron Man 2 that I could see.

Also saw the A-Team figures on another booth. Not bad likenesses of the new actors. Still hate Neeson as Hannibal though. Funny that Mattel or Mattel distributors are totally absent from this fair. No wonder you can’t find Avatar toys anywhere.

More details are just in from NIBMRatchet: Seaspray is a boat with room for Scouts on his deck Revenge of the Fallen toy line name will be dropped from packaging, the line will be re-branded just as “Transformers”. Power Core Combiners is a “Transformers” sub-line Power Core Combiners 2-packs and 5-packs can be combined together

One of the Power Core 5-pack combiners is a new Bruticus! New Transformers RPMs molds including Drift RPM Bumblebee track set RPM Stealth Force – deluxe/voyager size vehicles with fold out weaponry. Doesn’t sound like they transform. Transformers Animated may get ‘phased’ back into the UK in late 2010.

Source: Tformers

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Japanese Animated Updates

By Administratus Prime

DragonX76 of Tformers has released a set of scoop on Transformers news coming out of Japan. Takara Tomy have updated their official site with profiles and many profiles and new images of the Transformers Animated Japan action figure series.

Get a look at the first wave characters as well as some updates with news about Arcee, Shockwave, Lugnut, Soundwave, Lockdown, Starscream, Blackarachnia, Ironhide (Bulkhead), Ratchet, Megatron, Dirge, Blitzwing, Cliffjumper, Shockwave, Prowl, Bumblebee and more at eHobby.

See the pics here

Source: TFormers

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Updates On Commissioned IDW Covers

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Wildman IDWTransformers comic book veteran Andrew Wildman has updated us on the status of the Transformers covers he has been drawing for IDW Publishing. “Got them all sketched out and am waiting for some feedback,” he writes on his blog.

Mr. Wildman also tells us that “[t]he finish on these is going to be a little different than usual. A bit more like the finish I used on the Grimlock illustration commissioned for Auto Assembly.”

Mr. Wildman also tells us that he will be going full color with these. Accompanying his post, Mr. Wildman has also posted a rough sketch of Hot Rod (see right), but we cannot tell if this has been seen before.

We leave it up to the awesome TFormers Community to enlighten us! He announced last week that he has been commissioned by the publisher “to do a series of six [iconic] Transformers covers.”

Source: Tformers

08/12/2008 0

Derrick Wyatt Blog Updates

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 A delightful tedium- The Transformers Animated Lead Designer and Art Director for Transformers the Animated series has updated his blog with more pictures from his desk featuring a bevy of Transformers toy goodness from vintage G1 to modern Universe.

14/11/2008 0

More Devastator Updates

By Administratus Prime

 Ok, this didn’t seem so spoilery to me, but just in case you don’t want to know just how the Constructicon Devistator will be put together in the movie, stop reading now.