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02/05/2010 0

Military Wants “Heliplane Jet Tank Car”

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DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has sent out a work order to the company or agency who can build them a flying vehicle that can travel both by land and air, lift off without a runway, carry up to four personnel, and handle itself in the battlefield.

Sounds like a lofty task, but the government really wants one. Inspired by the Transformers movies, they have held a free prospector’s day and look to hold future events to share the vision of their “Heliplane Jet Tank Car.”


06/01/2009 0

No Megatron in Sequel

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Empire Magazine and USAToday offered up articles with some information about the upcoming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Without getting…

05/08/2008 0

Megatron Returns As A Tank

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 As great as Transformers was (everyone knows how much I dug the first film… flaws and all), one of the things that most people seem to universally agree on is how misused Megatron was. No, I’m not talking about his design (which I thought was really good actually), but how little he was used, how little we saw him fight, how little we saw him interact with Starscream and how unceremoniously he was killed.